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Do Vegetarians Die Earlier?

There are so many conflicting studies in healthcare.  Recent studies show that vegetarians actually die earlier than their meat eating counterparts.  Here are some recent story links:






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I think in general, studies which say you are going to die from this or that just create fear and anxiety.  There should be a study that determines people who read medical studies have higher stress and die earlier.

Here is what I know to be true:

1) Being healthy is the slowest way to die.  You will still die.

2)  Eating a variety of foods in reasonable portions is healthy.

3) Reducing stress is very important.

4)  Regular exercise is very important.

5) Regular healthy sleep is important.

6)  Being positive is important.

7)  Having a pet adds years to your life.


8) Being married adds years to your life (though some say at too high a cost…)

9)  Drinking one ounce of alcohol per day is healthy.  (just like other medicines, you can’t take the whole week’s worth on Saturday night.)

Ignore negative studies, live your life, be happy.  You want to eat meat or not eat meat, have at it.




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