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You may be cool, but are you Kate Upton cool where people wait in line to touch your hair or see others touch her hair?

kate upton


You may be cool, but are you …





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The Crew of the USS Enterprise React to Miley Cyrus

The Crew of the USS Enterprise React to Miley Cyrus.  A serious temptation to violate the Prime Directive.

Funny Video is here:


miley star trek

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Funny Crossovers

A crossover is when one story, character, book, movie, or concept is mixed with another.  Sometimes comic books will do crossovers, sometimes TV shows on the same network do the same to boost ratings or do a tie in with another show.  Other times, people do it just to be funny.  Examples:

Star Wars meets Star Trek. Spock much more impressive that Luke.

Again, Spock more impressive than Luke.

Yoda tries to crossover from Spock, “Logical, it is not.”

Indiana Jones meets Star Wars. Who would not pay to see Chewy pull the arms off some Nazis?

Anime Angels

Mordor, the Unhappiest Place on Earth. You simply cannot just walk in.

HP Lovecraft’s Cthulhu meets the Presidential Election. Why Choose the Lessor of Two Evils When you can choose The Greatest Evil?

Blade, kills Vampires better than Abe Lincoln.

But Abe Lincoln still fun to watch.



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