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Star Trek Garden Gnomes That Help To Boldly Explore Strange New Plant Life

Star Trek Garden Gnomes

ThinkGeek has released a series of Star Trek Garden Gnomes that comes in handy when trying to boldly explore strange new plant life. The redshirt gnomes, however, will more than likely not put up much of a fight and quickly die. The Kirk, Kirk and Gorn, Redshirt, and Spock garden gnomes are available to purchaseonline.

The perfect statuary to go with your newly-acquired Star Trek plants? Why, that would be the Star Trek Garden Gnomes, of course! They come in four flavors. Here’s how the base reads on each:

– Kirk: To boldly go where no man has gone before
– Kirk and Gorn: I shall be merciful and quick – Gorn
– Redshirt: Join Starfleet they said. It’d be fun they said
– Spock: Live long and prosper

Star Trek Garden Gnomes

Star Trek Garden Gnomes

images via ThinkGeek

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