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New capsule hotel in Japan signals the end of uncomfortable airport bench naps


Would you nap in a capsule?9h nine hours hotel

Nine Hours hotel, the Japanese pod hotel, is expanding into the airport market with the opening of a new location at Tokyo Narita Airport.

Suffer from a long layover no more. These cozy capsules are roomy enough for a great night’s sleep—but not much else.

The new Nine Hours was built in a garage close to the airport and is within easy walking distance to the airport’s Terminal 2, according to the Daily Mail. Aside from giving weary travelers with layovers a place to rest their head, the hotel positions itself as a great place to stay for people with an early flight to catch.

Like the Kyoto outpost, the new pod hotel has separate areas for men and women, with 71 chambers for men and 58 for women. Each futuristic looking “room” measures about three feet high and six and a half feet long, so it might not be big enough to accommodate the average NBA player.

The first “pod-style” hotels opened in Osaka in 1979, but this is the first to open within close proximity to an airport.

At $38 for a full nine hours—or about $15 rented hourly, this might be a pretty pricey nap but guests can also take advantage of the facility’s shower and common lounge to freshen up before a long flight.

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