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Discover America like Never Before

Discover America like Never Before

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Discover America like Never Before

It being one of the most diverse and largest countries in the entire world, U.S.A. is home to an amazing lot of tourist attractions ranging from the natural wonders in Alaska, Yellowstone to the skyscrapers of Chicago and New York City and the sunny and sandy beaches of Florida, California and Hawaii. With such a huge range of tourist destinations, it is a hard task to just highlight a few of them. But here are the top tourist attractions in America.

Grand Canyon

This is one of the greatest tourist attraction sites in the United States. It is located in the vast Arizona region. It has been curved by the Colorado River over several millions of years. It has a depth of 1 mile, (1.6km) and is 277 miles (446km) long. Its colorful and vast size makes it very famous.



What do you think of mostly when you see New York City? Which pictures of New York do you have in your album? Manhattan is what many people crave for when they see the picture of New York. It is one of the five boroughs of New York. It is an area full of skyscrapers that is full of activities to do. Here, you will take pictures of the Statute of Liberty, climb the Empire State building to the top, take a stroll in the Central Park, visit the museum, and window shop in the famous 5th Avenue street.


White House

Located in Washington DC, the White House is the official residence as well of office of the President of the USA. Built between the year 1792 and 1800, the White House was first used by President John Adams. This fortress has been a key tourist attraction site but its access was regulated following the 9/11 attack. Today, you can only tour the white in groups of more than 10 and a request period of more than six months in advance.


Niagara Falls

Located on the border of the province of Ontario and the state of New York, Niagara Falls easily passes for the most amazing natural feature in the whole of North America continent. It is comprised of three falls, the American Falls, the Horseshoe Falls and the Veil Falls. The Horseshoe Falls is situated on the Canadian side while the other two are situated in New York. These falls are a major tourist destination with 14 million visitor annually.


Golden Gate Bridge

This all famous bridge is a suspension bridge that joins San Francisco and the Marin County. Completed in 1937, it became the longest suspension bridge in the world and has today become a renowned symbol of San Francisco.


Yellowstone National Park goes into history as the world’s first national park set up in 1872 to conserve the large number of hot springs, geysers, thermal areas as well as wildlife and the natural mother nature of the region. This park alone is home to half of the geothermal features in the world. It contains approximately 10,000 hot springs and geysers as well as grizzly bears, black bears, elk, deer, wolves and bison.

Old Faithful, a geyser in Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful, a geyser in Yellowstone National Park

These are just a drop of attractions in the United States. If you want to explore America like you have never before, you only need to get yourself a U.S.A visa. Once in the U.S. get esta application and hit the road running. You will have the chance to discover America like never before.

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Hotel charges man $127 for three bottles of water


The facade of the five-star London hotel.The Wellesley London

Hotels are notorious for overcharging customers for everyday items,  but one U.K. businessman is reeling after being charged about $127 for three bottles of sparkling water.

Edward Heaton, a U.K.-based property advisor, scheduled a meeting with his client at the Crystal Bar of the Wellesley Hotel in London. According to the Independent, the businessman ordered three 500ml bottles of San Pellegrino, a sparkling water that usually retails for around $2 a bottle.

Though Heaton expected to pay a little more for the hotel’s premium service, he was floored when the bill arrived. The water came to £16.50 (about $28). What Heaton didn’t realize is that the 5-star hotel imposes a service charge of £25 ($43) per person for customers using its bar after 4 p.m. This was on top of a £50.17 ($85) “minimum spend” fee –bringing the total to £75.

“For £75, we probably could have had a nice glass of wine each or maybe even a bottle of champagne,” Heaton told the Independent. “But three bottles of water? I wasn’t angry. I was just totally bemused.”

Heaton has vowed never to go to the Wellesley Hotel after the incident.

“I spend a lot of time in central London and I have a lot of meetings in the top hotels. I am pretty well versed in how these places work but I have never had this before. I will never set foot in that hotel again.”

The businessman admits that he paid the bill without incident to avoid making a scene in front of his client but later complained to the hotel claiming no one explained the minimum charge, nor were there any menus set out that would have clarified item prices. He even posted a picture to twitter with a warning to potential Wellesley bar goers.


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1884: Views of Future Technological Advances

1884: “Poetical drifts of thought; or problems of progress”

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What People Thought Vehicles Would Like Today

These are all pictures and illustrations of what people predicted future vehicles would be like today.  To me, beyond the coolness of the pictures, is the analysis of where they went wrong. You see, predicting the future does not usually work, because we are too fixed on how things are right now.  For instance, the clothing in the pictures is the most wrong.  Men don’t dress nice in suits all the time like they used to.  It is a way for futurists such as myself to look at the mistakes in predicting made before and try to avoid them.  Society, dress and appearance is likely to change just as much as technology.  The pictures also do not reflect a change in urban buildings or lifestyle as technology changes.  With that added thought, enjoy!


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3D Rendering of The Temple of Karnak

Unfortunately, I am averse to two major things that keep me from traveling much.  First, I don’t want to go someplace where I may be hurt, kidnapped, or attacked because I am a pasty white American.  Second, I hate crowds and “tour buses”.  So, going to Egypt, hopping on a bus to go out to the pyramids, or cool places like The Temple of Karnak, are somewhat not on my immediate itinerary.  However, most of you who follow me, know I am fascinated by such places.

Enter the Internet with 3d rendered photos.  Sweet!  Earlier I posted a truly awesome link of a 3D rendering of the Sistine Chapel.  Here is one for the Temple of Karnak hieroglyphic wall inscriptions.  Below the link, I put a few lower quality pictures.  Again, you can move back and forth, up and down by holding down your left mouse button and moving the mouse.  You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.  Enjoy!


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