WARNING – Graphic Images – Zombie Cosplayers

Cosplayers are a huge community both in the United States and the World.  I myself am a cosplayer, though not very good at it.  I do more writing about science fiction, steampunk, vampires and zombies than I do dressing up.  However, some photos are out there of me in my weak costumes.  The word cosplay means “costume players.”  They are some of the coolest, nicest people around and typically go to events up to once per week.  If you go to conventions, like Phoenix ComicCon, you will see many of them there.  There are many types of cosplay including manga, comic book characters, super heroes, star wars, steampunk, diesel punk, ghostbusters, star trek, and increasingly zombies.  Almost every major event now has a “zombie walk” where people dress up as zombies or zombie hunters for a parade.

Again, with Halloween coming up, here are some zombie cosplayers, half of which I know personally.  WARNING – if you do not like graphic zombie depictions, you should not be reading this…

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