More Real Life Monsters

One of my more popular posts was early on when I decided to put real monsters.  I had a 24 foot crocodile in that post that was eating villagers and had to be killed by an army unit.  I will see if I can re-post that as it was very popular – and scary.  They are all real creatures.  You might not think they are monsters though, that is somewhat a judgment call.


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3 responses to “More Real Life Monsters

  1. Nice post on real life monsters.
    The spider in the last picture is a Myrmarachne Ant-mimic jumping spider.
    I am not sure where did you get that name – “Borneo Giant Jumping Spider” but I can tell you that they are no giants, I live in Borneo and see them regularly here, they are no larger than 1cm.


    • Michael Bradley

      Good to know. I get my photos from all over the place. I will see where this one came from so I can source it. Most of my posts are for for fun rather than reference, but if it is that small, it would be good to know why it was labeled giant. 🙂


  2. Michael Bradley

    Ok, I looked up the sources on the spider. Apparently the “giant part” is due to larger than normal pincers and eyes. It is in fact tiny, but the front is “giant” compared to other Borneo spiders. In your honor, I will post on jumping spiders in the morning. 🙂


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