Steampunk Dogs

Steampunk and clockwork devices have gone to the dogs – and it’s about time!  Two of my favorite things – dogs and steampunk!  Enjoy.



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4 responses to “Steampunk Dogs

  1. Your blog is really awesome – a must-read for geeks and addicts of the weird and absurd.
    How do you always locate so many related images in a reasonable period of time? Did you develop artificial intelligence software that crawls the web and find those gems for you? But I guess you have filed a patent and will not disclose your secret.


    • Michael Bradley

      Oddly enough, during research for my books and perusing lots of websites and posts, I collect the pictures as I go. I have a 2 terra byte hard drive, and I still have to fill several DVDs with pictures. I categorize them and when I get a group, I put them up. I post dog pictures every Monday for instance, about 22 per week. I have around 1,000 dog pictures now in 25 categories. People send them to me, I see them, lots of different ways. Only massive computer memory makes it possible. 🙂


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