Wookiees – The Biggest Pimpin’ Bro’s in the Universe!

There are things about Wookiees that you just didn’t hear about in the Star Wars movies or books.  First, Wookiee women do NOT look like Wookiee men.  Wookiees keep their women at home, hidden in their tree homes for good reason, as you will see below.  Second, Wookiee men are big pimpin’ stars of the Universe.  Chewbacca was not Han Solo’s sidekick, Han Solo needed Chewbacca as his wing man, and not just in his ship, but in bars.

Here is what you MIGHT already know:

Wookiees hail from the forest planet Kashyyyk. They typically make homes in large trees. Adult Wookiees are very tall and covered in long brown hair. They can understand other languages, but they can only speak their own languages. Wookies are normally only aggressive when confronted with danger or opposition. Their preferred weapon is a bowcaster. Wookiees tend to end up as companions due to the life debt. When someone saves their life, they agree to devote themselves to the individual that saved them.They are very honorable creatures and often very intelligent and resourceful. Wookies normally adhere to a monarchy type of system when not being controlled by slavers.


Wookiee bath time

Here are pictures that tell the true story.  Wookiee men are impossible for women, not only for their raw animal musk, their cuddly long hair, but for their size and power while remaining gentle.  Also, real Wookiee women, as shown below, are impossible for most men to resist.  But be careful, their wookiee husbands and boyfriends will rip off your arms if you try anything…

Wookiees big pimpin pool side.

More wookiee posing

Why Chewbacca kept Han Solo around.

Wookiee pimpin power

Wookiee dates Kristen Bell

wookiee female

Wookiee’s love humans

Wookiee voguing

another wookiee female

More wookiee loving, no hover hands

wookie female

Wookiee with Jaime King

Wookiee wins all around Universal Olympics

Women flock to wookie

Wookiees know surfing

Wookiee trophy time

Wookiee’s must win

Secret celebration with Leia

Wookiee female

Wookiee at St Patrick’s Day

woookie trolling for human women

Wookiee at the salon

Wookiee life day celebration

Wookiee throwing out the first pitch of the season

Wookiee hand to face

wookiee attraction

Wookiees saving Yoda

Wookie Dog

You KNOW you would kiss a wookiee

Wookiee Victory

Wookiee chillin’

Wookiees like red women too

Wookiee Basketball team after victory

Wookiee art


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