Steampunk Vehicles

The following is a selection of Steampunk-style vehicles, real, imaginary and in-between.


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4 responses to “Steampunk Vehicles

  1. krougeau

    Kindly remove my image, Flight of Fancy, from this blog post. Someone has trimmed my name and copyright information from the bottom of the image, which is a violation of my copyright. If you would like a proper copy for your post, please let me know and I will be glad to provide one. Thank you for understanding.


    • Michael Bradley

      Which image is it? I will gladly comply. I get my images from Steampunk sites which have reposted them. I am always happy to give credit to originators or remove materials. Please let me know which image and I will take it down immediately. If you have a blog or website with your images let me know and I will post it for you as well so people can enjoy your work.


    • Michael Bradley

      I think I found which one and removed it. I searched google images for flight of fancy steampunk, and I saw one with your name at the bottom of the man in b&w with air balloon with rougeau at the bottom. Let me know if that is not the correct one.


      • krougeau

        Hi Michael,
        Yes, that was the one. Thanks so much! The main reason I was concerned is because you’d somehow found one of a few unwatermarked copies & I don’t really want those just floating around. If you want to grab a copy that has my copyright notice at the bottom, you’re welcome to use it instead.
        Thanks for understanding!
        – Ken


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