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Steampunk Style

Steampunk is sci-fi mixed with the 1830-1900 period, the Age of Steam.  It often supposed advanced technology based on steam power rather than modern oil and electrical power.  Two of my novels, The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship. and The Traveler’s Club – Fire and Ash, are both steampunk adventures.  I post steampunk vehicles separately, as I do steampunk animals, steampunk insects, guitars, and steampunk people.  You can find all my steampunk related posts by typing “steampunk” into the search block on my home page.  This then, is the catch-all representation of some steampunk style.  Enjoy!


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Steampunk Aircrew Selection 5

This is your fifth chance to select an airship crew for your very own airship.  You cannot choose them all, so choose wisely.  Are you to run the ship as a pirate vessel. trader, smuggler, explorer, loyal military vessel, adventurer, evil mercenary?  All up to you.  For early posts, type in “Steampunk Aircrew” in the search box on the Home page of this blog site.  Enjoy!

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Thank You to Varla Skye and My Steampunk Army

Varla Skye and My Steampunk Army contribute many of the cool steampunk aircrew shots I feature on this site.  Here is a shout out thank you to them, and if you want to see more, which I KNOW you do, here is Varla Skye’s FB page, and My Steampunk Army FB page.  Please stop by, like them, and say you saw them here…


My Steampunk Army


varla skye

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Steampunk Airship Crew Post 3

In my third edition of Steampunk Airship Crew, you once again get to figure out who you will hire as your crew for the third Airship in your growing fleet of dirigibles.  Are you an air pirate?  A conqueror?  A defender?  A traveler and explorer?  A sky trader?  Smuggler?  It is up to you what to do with your ship, but crew members are hard to come by and may or may not fit your expectations.  You can’t hire them all, so who would you pick out of the following applicants?

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Steampunk Vehicles

The following is a selection of Steampunk-style vehicles, real, imaginary and in-between.


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First Edition of Steampunk Airship Crew Hiring

Ok, you have your brand new Steam-powered dirigible.  You can fight for honor and country, you can smuggle goods, you can commit air piracy, you can explore, or you can put into place your plans for world domination.  (I plan to do a series of these, I hope you like them.)  Yes, you are the Captain, or more accurately, the Admiral.  Your first ship is ready, one of many to come.  These are the first group of 22 pictures for people applying as crew.  You cannot take them all.  Who would YOU pick?  What will be the name of your first ship?

Lord Reginald Harcourt, one of the main characters in The Travelers’ Club series (written by yours truly) named his air yacht Jenny after his young niece.

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