More Steampunk Aircrew

A regular feature of the blog is to post great pictures of steampunk enthusiasts.  Steampunk being a science fiction, or a “historical future” in the Age of Steam, roughly 1830 to 1900 or so, usually British or American Wild Western themed.  So, ready to hire crew for your airship?  You decide if you want heroes, military, pirates, merchants, explorers or whatever.  You can’t hire them all, so who would you pick?  (For earlier posts, type “steampunk aircrew” into the search box on the home page.  I think this is the seventh post.) (photographers, if any of these are your work, please send me your information so I can credit you, or if you wish, so I can remove it from my site.  This is an unpaid site and I get my pictures from Facebook, emails and so forth, so often I do not know the original source.  Thanks)


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3 responses to “More Steampunk Aircrew

  1. Love your crews but…
    Your “Mad Scientist Kept Alive by Machinery” is actual The Gentleman Robot of Huachuca Mountain Steampunk. Here is his FB page:
    CDR Sir Liam “Gryphon” Bonnar


    • Michael Bradley

      Thanks. I get so many pictures from cons, friends, and steampunk organizations that it is hard to keep track of all of them, so I give them different professions. Always glad to post real names and FB pages!


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