Toni Darling Interviewed On KWOD Radio

I am glad to have helped setup the interview between Patti Hulstrand, great friend and Editor of The Wod, ConNotations Newszine, and KWOD Radio (all of which I contribute writing to) and Toni Darling, known for Lady Thor, Lady Death, Halibel, and other cosplay roles.

Here is the radio interview:

Hailing from the Empire State, Toni Darling busted into the scene at the Zombie Bikini Contest in downtown Mesa, AZ in January of 2012. Without any fear, she dressed up as a cowgirl zombie and with that she paved a path of her own in the local geek community.

From the California conventions to the Arizona convention scenes, you have most likely caught a glimpse of this striking beauty always working it in front of the video camera. Toni is a hard working lady who enjoys helping the art world through her passion for cosplay.

She has promoted Kipsworld, Knightingail Comics, and Paolo Parente’s Dust through cosplay, most recently doing a cross-play of Thor and Lady Death. Along with her beauty, fun personality, and intelligence, her ambition has propelled her to the forefront of the geek community.

Pictures of Toni Darling:

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