More Awesome Cosplay Pictures

Once again these are some cosplay pictures from my extensive catalog.  Cosplay = costume play.  It can be people dressing up as comic book characters, TV, Movies, pop culture, manga, anime, horror, zombies, or even just their own original costumes.  Remember how much you liked dressing up as a kid for Halloween?  Well, cosplay is like that but for adults.  If you want steampunk cosplay, I show that under a different post called steampunk aircrew.  I also do not post fetish, furries, or other such photos that are about sex and not about the fun of dressing up and playing a persona.  Enjoy!


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6 responses to “More Awesome Cosplay Pictures

  1. I’m assuming these are your photos, I would have enjoyed your observations about the event also, and insight into those who attend. Some people must have travelled and put a great deal of effort into it. Any different than football fans who dress up for their events?


    • Michael Bradley

      I have several other posts you can check out for the background. I recently did a radio interview with Cassandra S. Kyle, a cosplayer, and set up one for KWOD Radio with Toni Darling I can post here. I also did a blog post called, “The Phoenix ComicCon Experience” you can find on this site. If you type in “cosplay” on the search engine there are more picture posts. Cara Nicole, AZ Powergirl, appears on the cover of my anthology, Twisted History, and Keira Von Sierbagh appears on the cover of Twisted Nightmares.

      In general, the cosplay community if very much nicer and friendlier than any other crowd. At PCC we had nearly 60,000 attendees and it feels like a big happy family event.

      These conventions now attract huge sci-fi and pop culture stars as well. If you get a chance, definitely check out a cosplay event. They are lots of fun.

      As for the origin of the pictures, most come from cosplayer picture posts that land on my Facebook page, along with photographers, artists and so on. As an author of genre fiction, we tend to float in the same circles. I also write for ConNotations Newszine and The WOD, which are magazines serving the convention and cosplay communities.

      I hope you continue to stop by and check out my site.


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