Anthology Submissions Needed!

Twisted Futures!

Visions of the Future Anthology

Submissions Needed, 5,000 words or less, only futuristic themes.  Short stories, flash fiction and poetry are all welcome.  Paint your picture of a dsytopic, utopic or otherwise unique vision of the future.  WORD format preferred, only electronic submissions accepted.  Submission is FREE and you can submit multiple entries if you wish.

Publishing by Michael Bradley, President, Eiverness Consulting Group, Ltd., An Arizona Corporation in Good Standing.  Earlier anthologies were Twisted History and Twisted Nightmares.

Submissions required by December 15, 2013.  Expected publication prior to May 2014 both in print and published in Kindle format.

the future

the future 2

Please send inquiries and submissions to:

For the subject put:  Anthology Submission

Selected authors will receive two free printed copies of the final anthology and will be able to purchase unlimited print versions at cost.  All other sales will be retained by Eiverness Consulting Group, Ltd.


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8 responses to “Anthology Submissions Needed!

  1. Will authors be able to get Kindle versions, or acquire any royalty from either the book or the ebooks?


    • Michael Bradley

      The books will be posted on Kindle as with Twisted History and Twisted Nightmares. There will be no royalties paid on those sales. So far, the first two books have not made enough to cover the cost of their production. The Twisted series is an opportunity for writers to have their work published but not really a chance to profit. I am more than willing to foot the costs for others to have this chance to get out there.

      The print versions cost $1.25 plus 1 cent per page, plus any postage and handling to included authors. You can then resale for any amount you wish. The rights to any stories only include ebooks and printed books for the one anthology. If for instance, someone wanted to make an individual story into a movie, that author retains those rights to do with as they wish.

      I hope that answers your questions. If you have more detailed inquiries, please feel free to contact me at


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  4. Mike

    Just wondering when we’ll find out if our submissions were successful? Or is it a case of that if we haven’t heard by now then we haven’t made the cut this time?


    • Michael Bradley

      Unfortunately, I did not receive enough submissions. Please feel free to withdraw and submit elsewhere. I will still be putting out Twisted Futures later, but they will all be stories written by me. I apologize for any inconvenience. This is the third of the anthologies and the first I did not get enough submissions…sigh.


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