Imperfect Sculptures by Bruno Catalano

Here are some more unusual art sculptures for you to enjoy.

Imperfect Sculptures by Bruno Catalano


Bruno Catalano was born in 1960 in southern France.  This current series is called “Les Voyageurs” and was displayed in Marseilles as the city was the European Capital of Culture in 2013. His aim is to capture audience’s attention and with this series he surely did. By creating sculptures with missing parts the spectator is momentarily puzzled but when she or he understands the whole concept relaxes and enjoys the scene. Remarkable sculptures. Enjoy the rest of the series.




everythingwithatwist-bruno-catalano-05 everythingwithatwist-bruno-catalano-06 everythingwithatwist-bruno-catalano-07 everythingwithatwist-bruno-catalano-08 everythingwithatwist-bruno-catalano-08b everythingwithatwist-bruno-catalano-09 everythingwithatwist-bruno-catalano-10 everythingwithatwist-bruno-catalano-15 everythingwithatwist-bruno-catalano-15b everythingwithatwist-bruno-catalano-16 everythingwithatwist-bruno-catalano-17



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