Denver Bronco Super Bowl Loss Humor

If you are a Bronco fan, you should probably skip this post…

  1. The Denver Broncos could not fly home after the game.  Apparently, someone had painted an end zone in front of the airports.
  2. At least Bruno Mars was able to make it to midfield by halftime.
  3. They said Peyton Manning could be anyone – so he became Tony Romo.
  4. The Broncos logo is a horse’s head but they played like a horse’s ass.
  5. This was not the worst loss in Super Bowl history.  Unfortunately for Denver, they hold that record already.
  6. The game started off with a safety because Peyton Manning inadvertently audibled “Papa Johns” instead of “Omaha”.
  7. The Broncos now can claim the second largest disaster to hit New York.
  8. New York got the high taxes and New Jersey got the toxic waste dumps.  Colorado got the Broncos because they had third pick.
  9. The two states with legal marijuana made the Super Bowl.  The one with all legal slaughtered the medical marijuana.  Based on this statistical data, the Arizona Cardinal will win the Super Bowl next year if we not only legalize marijuana, but hand out free samples to all citizens.
  10. It was all a test to see if depressed Denver fans eat more Papa Johns than happy Denver fans.
  11. The Denver Broncos sacrificed a virgin to win the Super Bowl.  Unfortunately, they sent Tim Tebow to the Jets instead of the bottom of an active volcano, so it didn’t work.
  12. I guess for Denver it will always be Elway or the highway…
  13. At least Papa Johns delivers.
  14. Even ObamaCare does not cover this much choking.
  15. Fans wanted to help, but Google and Wikipedia have no listings for applying the Heimlich Maneouver to an entire football team.
  16. International fans were wondering if American Football had a limit for scoring or a way to stop the game out of mercy.

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