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Photos – A Comparison… (Unlike pictures I post, some of these from the news are NSFW in my opinion)

I was called by the press today because of “complaints” about the cosplay pictures I post.  I presume the reason has nothing to do with my writing career and more to do with my current day job.  As a result, I pointed out that my pictures are the same or calmer than the Arizona Republic, the East Valley Tribune and Prime Time TV.  So, I decided to pull some samples.  I only showed pictures from Heroes of Cosplay, which was shown in prime time with no warning that it was inappropriate to people of any age.  God forbid I would post prime time photos on Victoria’s Secret, the coverage of the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on TV, or pictures of anyone at the beach or Arizona nightclubs…

You decide if any of my pictures are worse than our top two news websites in Arizona and prime time TV…

Arizona Republic Cosplay Pictures found in Arizonacentral.com:

Heroes of Cosplay on TV during Prime Time:

Arizonacentral.com Nightlife and “Super Bowl” coverage of the Playboy Party.  Not in an adult only area, under “Things to Do”:

East Valley Tribune coverage of cosplay:

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Boston bakery sells Deflate-gate cookies


Deflate-gate dessert: These cookies are missing a little air. (Boston Common Coffee Company)

A Boston bakery is bringing a little levity to New England Patriots’ Deflate-gate with its less-than-full football cookies.

Amid reports that 11 of the 12 balls the Patriots used in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts were underinflated, the Boston Common Coffee Company decided whip up the treat.

“Looks like our pastry chef let a little too much air out of these cookies to make them regulation cookies. But come on down and get them before Roger Goodell,” the shop wrote on its Facebook page.

Manager Wawa Toyloy told FoxNews.com that the limited-supply cookies, which sell at a deflated price of $1 each, are a going fast at each of its four stores.

On Wednesday, the company’s co-owner, Peter Femino –a Patriots fan — said they decided to punt, despite the risk of angering fans.

“They were made, and I said, ‘Let’s put them out.’ Just like anything else, customers can decide — we aren’t forcing people to buy them. We are just making light of a bad situation. It’s a sport; it’s a game,” Femino told Boston Magazine. “I’ve never been one to brush something under the couch or under the rug.”

Some Facebook followers cried foul, saying the bakery was making light of the situation, but most were supportive.

Toyloy says that the orders are rolling in as Deflate-gate grows. On Thursday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick denied knowing that quarterback Tom Brady was throwing deflated footballs.

But the Boston Common Coffee Company is the only company to capitalize on the pigskin controversy.

From now until Super Bowl Sunday, Boston’s Cask ‘n Flagon bar is offering free appetizers to diners who bring in a new regulation-size football (either deflated or inflated), which will be given to the Good Sports, a nonprofit organization that gives sporting equipment to disadvantaged youth nationwide.

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Denver Bronco Super Bowl Loss Humor

If you are a Bronco fan, you should probably skip this post…

  1. The Denver Broncos could not fly home after the game.  Apparently, someone had painted an end zone in front of the airports.
  2. At least Bruno Mars was able to make it to midfield by halftime.
  3. They said Peyton Manning could be anyone – so he became Tony Romo.
  4. The Broncos logo is a horse’s head but they played like a horse’s ass.
  5. This was not the worst loss in Super Bowl history.  Unfortunately for Denver, they hold that record already.
  6. The game started off with a safety because Peyton Manning inadvertently audibled “Papa Johns” instead of “Omaha”.
  7. The Broncos now can claim the second largest disaster to hit New York.
  8. New York got the high taxes and New Jersey got the toxic waste dumps.  Colorado got the Broncos because they had third pick.
  9. The two states with legal marijuana made the Super Bowl.  The one with all legal slaughtered the medical marijuana.  Based on this statistical data, the Arizona Cardinal will win the Super Bowl next year if we not only legalize marijuana, but hand out free samples to all citizens.
  10. It was all a test to see if depressed Denver fans eat more Papa Johns than happy Denver fans.
  11. The Denver Broncos sacrificed a virgin to win the Super Bowl.  Unfortunately, they sent Tim Tebow to the Jets instead of the bottom of an active volcano, so it didn’t work.
  12. I guess for Denver it will always be Elway or the highway…
  13. At least Papa Johns delivers.
  14. Even ObamaCare does not cover this much choking.
  15. Fans wanted to help, but Google and Wikipedia have no listings for applying the Heimlich Maneouver to an entire football team.
  16. International fans were wondering if American Football had a limit for scoring or a way to stop the game out of mercy.

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Harbaugh versus Harbaugh

I am not a huge fan of sports, and so this will be a rare sports post from me.  I just wanted to post a shout out to two brothers who will be facing each other in the Super Bowl as rival head coaches.  How cool is that?  Congratulations to the Harbaugh family.

Super Bowl XLVII: Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh

Posted by Cindy Boren on January 21, 2013 at 10:24 am 

This is John Harbaugh. He coaches the Baltimore Ravens. (Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

This is John Harbaugh. He coaches the Baltimore Ravens. (Jim Rogash / Getty Images)

Oh, those Harboys. Good Lord, they must have been a handful.

You may have read something about this, but the Harbaugh brothers, John and Jim, have managed to coach their respective teams to Super Bowl XLVII. Separated by only 15 months, their dad, Jack, says they were more like twins than brothers. When they’d fight, Jack would draw a line down their room and tell them not to cross it. Which, of course, they did immediately.

And now they get to cross the line on the biggest sports stage in the country.

John, the Baltimore Ravens’ coach, is the older, more even-tempered brother, the one with the twinkle in his eye rather than the 100-yard stare. He worked his way up to the Ravens’ job after a career as a Philadelphia Eagles’ assistant.

“I don’t know if we had a dream this big,” Harbaugh said. “We had a few dreams, we had a few fights. We had a few arguments, just like all brothers. … We will try to stay out of that business. We’ll let the two teams duke it out as much as possible.

jim1“I couldn’t be more proud of Jim. Watching that team play, they do reflect his personality.”

That team would be the San Francisco 49ers. Jim Harbaugh came to them after a successful career as the Stanford coach, which came after a long career as an NFL quarterback. Jim is the fiery one, the one who freaked out over a rejected challenge in the NFC championship game, the one who got into a postgame fracas with Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz over the gentlemanly postgame handshake.

Because Jim’s team played first Sunday, all he could say was “I want to thank my parents, Jack and Jackie Harbaugh, and go Ravens.”

With his brother on a plane back to San Francisco after the Ravens’ win, It fell to John to be the spokesman for the Har Bowl. Or the Bro Bowl. Whatever. Neither would probably be headed to New Orleans without having made a bold late-season decision. John Harbaugh fired Cam Cameron and named Jim Caldwell offensive coordinator; Jim Harbaugh benched Alex Smith and named Colin Kaepernick the starting quarterback. In that regard, they are alike.

“I’d like to think that our teams are similar,” John Harbaugh said. “I’d like to think that when you look at those two teams you’re looking at mirror images of two football teams. I’d like to think that. It’s going to be a great game and he’s a great football coach.”

The Harbaughs have accomplished a sibling matchup, one that has eluded the Mannings. A former coach, Jack Harbaugh advised the boys before last week’s games: Get ahead. Stay ahead. On Sunday, he and his wife followed the same routine they did last year, when both boys lost in the championship games. They watched, just the two of them, on their basement TV in Mequon, Wis.

“We share our misery with no one but ourselves,” Jack Harbaugh told the San Francisco Chronicle.

He declined to say whether he offers specifics on just how to get ahead and stay ahead. “That is a key part of that, but I have no definitive answers along those lines,” Jack Harbaugh said. “I’ve allowed them, with the wisdom and knowledge that they have of this great game, to come upon that themselves.”

Starting Sunday night, though, he and Jackie became Switzerland as the Harboys prepare to duke it out and their storyline swallows Super Bowl XLVII. The Harbaugh hype may get to be a bit much, even though the brothers faced each other on Thanksgiving Day 2011. (The Ravens won, 16-6, in Baltimore.)

“You know what? I agree with you,” Harbaugh laughed when asked if he could stomach the hype. ”Let’s just cut that right now, you know what I mean? Can we all agree? Let’s just forget about that. We did that last year. It was fine. It got old last year, right? Did it not?”

Maybe. But on Sunday night, as John’s team took the field and Jim’s boarded a plane for the flight back to San Francisco, it was pretty cool to watch it unfold. Tom Crean, the Indiana basketball coach who is married to the coaches’ sister Joani, tweeted about it:

“We can’t put into words what it means to see John and Jim achieve this incredible milestone. We talked to Jim before his team plane left. All he wanted to know was how was John doing. How were they playing? One incredible family who puts the care, well-being and love for each other at the forefront like most families do. Again, we are very proud of them. Going to be exciting to watch it unfold.”

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Why The Super Bowl is Replacing Thanksgiving

I read a report today that Super Bowl Sunday now exceeds every other day for calorie consumption EXCEPT Thanksgiving.  That got me to wondering, how a relatively new sport phenomenon could impact so much of America.  First, more people celebrate Thanksgiving, so those at Super Bowl Sunday parties are eating more per capita than the thankful ones.  I attribute it to a number of factors.  One, America is so rich, we have less thankful people.  You scrape together a harvest that might keep you fed through the cold winter months, having seen half your people die off in the past, and you are ready to celebrate.  Heck, invite the natives, break out the beer, and throw a party.  Thank God that you will make it alive another year – what better reason for a bash?  And yes, even today, Puritans and Amish drink more beer per capita than the rest of us.  It’s why they put into shore where they did, the beer was gone.

Today, Thanksgiving is that uncomfortable family get together.  It’s bad enough to have to spend time with your family, but before the football games, it was the dread silence and conversation.  Years of contempt you have built up, waiting for release.  Most of us knew we would survive with enough food, so we focus on our rivalries and bitterness with relatives, not on thanking God.  Besides, today, few people have traditional families.  You have his, hers, ours, kids, ex-families, step families, in-laws, out-laws, you can keep track of baseball statistics easier than your own family tree.  Someone has to organize, find a place, get people together, get food, and be prepared for the usual family fights.

For the Super Bowl – all you need is beer, wings, pizza and big screen TV.  You don’t even need enough seats, standing and the floor work.  You can buy the food and beverages – you don’t have to make anything.  You can even tell people to bring their own.  If people piss you off, you just leave!  You get to pick your invites and have actual friends – not family!  Yep, Super Bowl Sunday has wider, and more lasting appeal in today’s America.

My tradition – a pizza made with all sharp cheddar cheese (no mozzarella) pepperoni, dried salami, and olives.  If I want extra briny I go with the green olives instead of black.  Not for everyone, but I love it.  It has enough caloric value to feed Somalia for a week.  I also like boneless wings.  I hate picking skin, veins and meat off a little piece of bone.  But boneless – oh yeah!  In fact, I don’t even know if it is chicken.  It could be rat, cat, horse, who knows?  Basically, you deep fry batter and toss hot sauce on it and I’m game.  Just no bones…  The thick, hot, but not so hot you can’t feel your lips sauce too, not that weak orange oily stuff you get all too often.

What is my Super Bowl Sunday prediction – A full belly, trying not to pay too much attention to the GoDaddy or Adriana Lima commercials while my wife watches me like a hawk, and fun with friends.  My favorite commercial was years ago, I think by Etrade.  It was a monkey banging on a plastic bucket in a garage while two people watched.  It ended – “we just wasted $1 million, what do you do with YOUR money?”  A classic wth moment.



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