Paintings made with Buttons

Mind Blowing Paintings made by miscellaneous objects.

An outstanding artist Jane Elizabeth Perkins in her Plastic Classics art series, used many miscellaneous objects she found, like buttons, pins, clips, pen cap, plastic toys, LEGO pieces, key chain, keys, etc. She have re-created paintings like DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, and made portraits of famous Albert Einstein, Queen of Britain, and Nelson Mandela.

When you inspect closely, it will be revealed that many minor forgotten objects she have used to make these beautiful and impressionist painting. She have used many objects in its original form, not even the colour have been used for most of the objects. Her skills are unmatched and her work is so impressive and astonishing that we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing it with you guys. Please check the very innovative work done by an artist from UK. Observe and watch closely and you will be amazed to find the objects she have used for her impressive paintings. I loved it.

plastic-classics-found-objects-famous-portraits-jane-perkins-9 plastic-classics-found-objects-famous-portraits-jane-perkins-8  plastic-classics-found-objects-famous-portraits-jane-perkins-4 plastic-classics-found-objects-famous-portraits-jane-perkins-1 janeperkins4 janeperkins5 janeperkins6 janeperkins7 janeperkins8 janeperkins3 janeperkins2 janeperkins1

Images via: Jane Perkins website

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