An Opportunity Lost…

We have lost a great opportunity.  Going back to President George Bush, we had a second black Supreme Court Justice, a black Secretary of Defense, a black Secretary of State and other prominent positions.  President Barack Obama has unique qualifications, having been born half-black and half-white, raised both as a Muslim and a Christian, raised in the third world and in the United States, raised by a single parent, grew up in the rough city of Chicago.  He appointed a pro-civil rights Attorney General Eric Holder.


We had such an opportunity for such a unique person to bring together race relations, to bring together Christians, Jews and Muslims, to bring together rich and poor, to bring together urban and rural, rich and poor.  But it didn’t happen…  I am not placing blame.  The situation is so complicated, but racial relations have deteriorated, Muslims around the world have more hatred for us not less, class warfare has worsened while the middle class shrinks…


We are such a motley mix of people, culture and races, when can we get past this?  If I had a genome test, who knows who I am descended from?  I have an earlier article on what Americans will look like in 2050:


If you look at the pictures, what race are we?  Please, everyone, let’s focus on reducing poverty, helping people live the American dream, and can we stop labeling people by outdated racial and ethnic attitudes?  How long?  What has to happen for us to finally come together as fellow human beings?


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  1. wsmarble

    I agree completely–well said.

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