A Tale of Two Cities…

Ferguson burns, the step father of the dead Michael Brown shouts over and over, “Burn this b@#*& down!” and then cars, businesses and such are burned and looted, further damaging the community.  I don’t know what happened, but from Grand Jury transcripts, it seems like the officer was threatened and probably justified, but I admit I don’t know.

Contrast that with Eric Garner in New York City.  I watched the video and I have to say that police used excessive force and killed him unnecessarily.  Yes, he resisted arrest, but there were so many of them, and it was for a minor crime.  If you can get eight officers to show up, one or more can have tasers for goodness sake.  He repeatedly said he could not breathe, and they suffocated the man.

I again don’t know what happened other than the video and the coroner’s report, but in this case, I think the policeman should be prosecuted for manslaughter.  However, the father of the dead man called for peaceful demonstrations, and NYC is not yet on fire nor have their been arrests for violence or looting.

So strange, that in the case I think it was probably justified, the poor people of Ferguson burn down their own city.  In NYC, a case where I think we ALL, regardless of race should be outraged, people are peacefully protesting.  Nothing makes sense anymore.


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  1. wsmarble

    Excellent, honest blog. On the positive side, at least we are all now having a frank national discussion about this. In that long-overdue conversation, yours’ is one of the helpful voices. Only juries have ALL the facts, and as you so poignantly state, the rest of us “just aren’t sure.” So why would we allow rage and prejudice to slip in, with OR without the facts? Peace be with all involved, all in pain. Time for healing now.


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