Herbie the Love Bug sold for $32,100



The world’s most famous water “bug” has surfaced on Ebay.

One of the Volkswagen Beetles built for the “Herbie the Love Bug” movie franchise was sold Thursday on the auction site for $32,100.

It was featured in the 1980 film “Herbie Goes Bananas” and was one of two specially built for a scene where it sails through the Panama Canal.

According to the seller, the 1963 car had its engine, transmission and front suspension removed, and fiberglass wheels added, to help it float, and was sold as a parts car without title when production of the film was complete. From there, it ended up in California wrecking yard where it sat for several years.

A previous owner purchased it and replaced the rotted floorpan, which brought with it a new title. The current seller then added a working drive train with a 1.6-liter engine and 4-speed transmission.

The car runs and is road legal, features the faux-rusty paint job seen on screen, and was sold with a collection of extra parts that were used during filming.

And if its authentication documents aren’t good enough for you, it has a remote control that can move its headlights back and forth and use its windshield washers to squirt people.

It is a water bug, after all.




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