I See a Red Cup and I Want to Paint it Black…

So, Starbucks came out with its holiday cups and they are just red.  In reality, they say they start one color and gradiate downward to another color.  It’s supposed to be cool.  Instead, a bunch of people think it is a War on Christmas politically correct move.  Sigh…


I know a War on Christmas when I see one, and there have been many, but not here.  Starbucks has NEVER had Christmas decorations on their cups, only secular seasonal items, like snowmen, snowflakes, ornaments, etc.  Besides, who cares?  There is absolutely no relationship to a cup and Christmas.  If they had left their cups white, what would that mean?  Nothing.  People are way to sensitive in my humble opinion.  How about we focus on the 100,000 Christians being murdered worldwide each year for their faith and not worry about the color of our overpriced coffee containers?

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