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Christmas Present

With Christmas coming up, there is just one thing that would make my holiday shine!  That is if some of you who enjoy this blog site and the work I put into it could support my other work – writing novels.  All I ask is you consider spending 99 cents on my first novel – The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship, then let me know what you think.  99 cents for ten hours of reading enjoyment.  It is available on Kindle and Smashwords.  Most people don’t know you can download the Kindle app for free to any I-pad, I-phone, droid, computer or laptop with the internet.  You do NOT need a Kindle device.  You can purchase items easily through your Amazon account.

Thanks for considering my Christmas list!  I promise not to bother you too much with requests for sales or ads on this site.  Here is a link:


Averaging 4.5 stars in reviews!

ghost ship final kindle


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Facebook Ad

Just started a Facebook advertisement for The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship  that will run until the end of March.  Let me know here if you see it pop up on the right of your Facebook page!  Wish me luck.


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