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Check Out my New Book Video – Courtesy of the Awesome Christopher Wilke!

Click on the video link below to hear and see the new clip advertising my novel – The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship.


Chris is a fellow author but also a graphics art designer and marketer extraordinaire.  He will be launching his own new site soon to help aspiring writers – The Iron Quill.  I will let you all know when IQ goes live.


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Facebook Ad

Just started a Facebook advertisement for The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship  that will run until the end of March.  Let me know here if you see it pop up on the right of your Facebook page!  Wish me luck.


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Imperial Outpost Also Selling Hard Copies of My Book

Imperial Outpost in Glendale, Arizona has joined the list of folks selling hard copies of my book, The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship.  They are a great group of people who sell a variety of gaming merchandise and regularly have live play at their store for fans.  I have also discussed having myself and some fellow sci-fi genre authors do a book signing at an upcoming event.  Here is their blogsite, and you can also friend them on Facebook:


Please support this store as there are too few cool places left in this economy.  Comic books, sci-fi and gaming don’t pay well, so let’s all look out for each other.  Also, please check out my Store, as I have new publications with my shorter work in them, including the latest Palo Verde Pages and the ConNotations NewZine.  I regularly update that location for newly published items.

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Truth in Advertising

Hal C F Astell at www.apocalypselaterfilm.com told me at DarkCon that he liked the fact that my book was exactly what it advertised.  The cover reflects fun and adventure and the back flap description was accurate.  He enjoyed actually reading a book which was true to its own advertising.  I hope everyone will check out the Travelers’ Club and the Ghost Ship and it still has a 5 of 5-star average on Amazon reviews.  It is what it advertises to be.  Just for fun, I wanted to repost this to show how that is not always the case:


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