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Cosplay Pictures for your Saturday!

Cosplay and cosplayers for your Saturday enjoyment!

NOTE:  I have about 50,000 photos now that have been sent to me by various means.  I don’t have names for everyone.  If you wish to post your name, photo credits, hair or makeup credits, etc, just comment on the picture.  The comment does not appear automatically, but I will remove the photo or make any attributions within 24 hours.  This post is to promote and celebrate cosplay, cosplayers, photographers and others.  I can’t tell if photos are cell phone shot or professional.  I leave them untouched, including the photo bugs and data.  Thanks!

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Cosplay Pictures for Your Saturday

Cosplay pictures to enjoy.  For those of you new to the blog site, cosplay stands for “costume play.”  People dress up as superheroes, pop culture figures, TV, movie, steampunk, or other characters.  Like Halloween, but for the fun of it.  The point is to have fun, and many people spend a lot of time getting their outfits together and getting photographers to help out.

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