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1892 – Advanced Hat Making Class

c. 1892: Evening class in Advanced millinery

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Before Lady Gaga, Before Madonna – Peggy Moffitt

Even today, many of these styles would be avant garde and Peggy Moffitt wore them in the 1960’s, yep, fifty years ago when men dressed like the movie Men-in-black, the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing, and America was trying to catch up with the Soviets in the space race.  Most important was the Summer of ’63, at least personally, because I was born…

An homage to Peggy Moffitt

1960s:Peggy Moffitt

“Peggy Moffitt (born 1940) was during the 1960s a premier model. She developed a signature style that featured heavy, Kabuki-like makeup and an asymmetrical hair cut.”

– Wikipedia

As a warning for young folks, the following Wikipedia post has a topless shot of Peggy. Not sure why they did that out of all her pictures, but it has good information on her.



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