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Russian Cops Ban Short Skirts After Skirts Get Too Short

In Russian police force, uniform modifies you!

Or at least the public’s perception of you. That is the principal argument behind the Russian Interior Ministry’s recent ban on short skirts and other uniform modifications, the Moscow Times reports.

“When you meet people, the first thing you see is their clothing, and for a police officer fulfilling his duties, it is crucial to have a tidy and neat appearance. From time to time, we have seen instances of officers improperly wearing their uniforms. … Heads [of departments] must pay more attention to the appearance of their subordinates,” Deputy Interior Minister Sergei Gerasimov said in a memo obtained by Russian newspaper Izvestia.

The Moscow Times reports that the ban was imposed to counteract a growing trend of rising hemlines among female officers, as well as a tendency of male officers to cut off their shirt sleeves. Department heads are encouraged to inspect uniforms daily to make sure they’re appropriate.

Here’s a photo that allegedly depicts a small group of infractions just waiting to happen:


(We can’t think of a single police force where high heels are standard uniform.)The photo ran in the Moscow Times, but we’re taking it with a grain of salt.

We’re always hungry for more proof. Feel free to tweet your modified Russian police uniforms at us (before the state’s hammer blow crushes your freedom).

It’s worth noting that in the U.S., female officers commonly wear pants.

NOTE from me:  (The validity of this story cannot be confirmed, but just figure Putin would ruin another good thing, just like the Ukraine.)


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Never Again? Or, History Repeats Itself?

When Hitler started to expand Germany, his big lie was that he was protecting German speaking citizens of neighboring countries who really wanted to be free to join Germany.  He re-militarized the Saarland, then the Rhein.  Other countries ignored his military build-ups and violation of treaty because they were tired of war after The Great War, or the war to end all wars, now called WW1.  Then Hitler moved into neighboring countries, annexing Austria through a “vote” of the people called the Anschluss, enforced by brown shirted thugs at the polls.  Then the German speaking areas of Checkoslovakia, and so on.  It was not until he invaded Poland that people acted to stop him.

Once expanding, he set up the non-German supporters as enemies.  He made Jews and others register and denied them citizenship.  He outlawed homosexuality, implemented the Hitler youth to build a new super race and form a stronger Germany.

After WW2 cost over 50 million lives, we promised “never again.”

Now Vladamir Putin has invaded and taken over the Crimea, a part of the Ukraine.  Ukraine agreed to give up nuclear weapons to be protected, but no one is protecting them.  Russian special forces in plain uniforms oversaw the “vote” to join Russia in Crimea that was 96% in favor.  Now Russian thugs are taking over several parts of Ukraine and are active in Moldova, Georgia and Estonia.  They say they are there to protect Russian speaking people.  They have started a Russian youth fitness program to restore military power.  Putin outlawed homosexuality and other non-accepted behavior.  Now they are starting to try to register Jews in Ukraine.

Never again?  Do we really mean it?  Or are we truly the modern Neville Chamberlains, too war weary, too happy in our lives, the suffering of others so far away too distant?  History really does repeat itself all too often.

‘Complete lie’: Pro-Russian official denies role in mysterious leaflets to Ukrainian Jews


April 18, 2014: Denis Pushilin, foreground center, spokesman of the self-appointed Donetsk Peoples Republic, speaks to reporters inside the regional administration building seized earlier in Donetsk, Ukraine.AP

A pro-Russian official initially thought to be behind fliers telling Ukrainian Jews to register vehemently denied any involvement on Friday, telling Fox News the leaflets were a “complete lie.”

The leaflets were first reported in Israel’s Ynet News. The news site said the notices were circulated in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, demanding that Jews register — as well as provide a list of property they own — or else face deportation and revocation of citizenship. Pro-Russian activists have asserted partial control over some government buildings in that city.

 Ynet reported that the notices, sent as the Passover holiday began, were signed by Denis Pushilin, chairman of Donetsk’s temporary government.

But after the fliers gained international attention — including a public rebuke by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry — Pushilin and others described them as a deliberate “provocation.”

Pushilin said his organization did not distribute the leaflets. To back up his case, he said the notices were too sloppy to have been sent out by him.

“Moreover, this provocation has been done unprofessionally — first of all, it is signed as ‘people’s governor Denis Pushilin,’ and I never referred to myself as such and nobody called me like that first,” he told Fox News. “Secondly the stamp that is there, it is bigger in size meaning simply it has been done in a Photoshop. And third, if you read the text you will see that it’s relatively badly written.”

He said he has personally denied involvement in conversations with the Jewish community in both Kiev and Donetsk.

Donetsk is one of the hotbeds of unrest in eastern Ukraine, and pro-Russian activists are still showing resistance to the terms of a recently struck diplomatic deal that aims to ease the tensions between the Ukrainian government and pro-Russian forces.

After the notices to Jews began circulating, questions quickly were raised about their origin. One aide to Pushilin told Fox News that pro-Ukrainian groups were circulating them as a false flag operation to cause an international incident.

An Israeli official also told Fox News that the issue was brought to the attention of the Israeli embassy and foreign ministry, though they also presume the leaflets were handed out by local militia members as a kind of provocation. The official said the notices were distributed by masked men.

Yet the accounts gained international attention as Kerry condemned the notices on the sidelines of the diplomatic summit in Geneva.

“Just in the last couple of days, notices were sent to Jews in one city indicating that they have to identify themselves as Jews,” he said Thursday. “In the year 2014, after all of the miles traveled and all of the journey of history, this is not just intolerable — it’s grotesque. It is beyond unacceptable.”

Kerry said if anyone engages in these kinds of activities on either side, “there is no place for that.”

The notices reportedly were sent to areas where pro-Russian activists have declared the region as a “people’s republic” in defiance of the central Ukrainian government.

Ynet reported the fliers said that because Jewish community leaders supported a Ukrainian nationalist movement and “oppose the pro-Slavic People’s Republic of Donetsk,” the interim government has decided: “that all citizens of Jewish descent, over 16 years of age and residing within the republic’s territory are required to report to the Commissioner for Nationalities in the Donetsk Regional Administration building and register.”

The notices reportedly demand Jews pay a $50 registration fee.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said Thursday that U.S. officials were trying to gather more information.

Fox News’ Leland Vittert contributed to this report.

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Russian ban on lacy lingerie meets cries of panty persecution

Russian ban on lacy lingerie meets cries of panty persecution

Published February 17, 2014

Associated Press
  • russia-lingerie-internal.jpg

    Feb. 16, 2014: Women protest against the ban of lace underwear  in Almaty, Kazakhstan. (AP)

MOSCOW –  A trade ban on lacy lingerie has Russian consumers and their neighbors with their knickers in a twist.

The ban will outlaw any underwear containing less than 6 percent cotton from being imported, made, or sold in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. And it has struck a chord in societies where La Perla and Victoria’s Secret are panty paradises compared to Soviet-era cotton underwear, which was often about as flattering and shapely as drapery.

On Sunday, 30 women protesters in Kazakhstan were arrested and thrown into police vans while wearing lace underwear on their heads and shouting “Freedom to panties!”

The ban in those three countries was first outlined in 2010 by the Eurasian Economic Commission, which regulates the customs union, and it won’t go into effect until July 1. But a consumer outcry against it already is reaching a fever pitch.

Photographs comparing sexy modern underwear to outdated, Soviet goods began spreading on Facebook and Twitter on Sunday, as women and men alike railed against the prospective changes.

“As a rule, lacy underwear … is literally snatched off the shelves,” said Alisa Sapardiyeva, the manager of a lingerie store in Moscow, DD-Shop, as she flicked through her colorful wares. “If you take that away again, the buyer is going to be the one who suffers the most.”

According to the Russian Textile Businesses Union, more than $4 billion worth of underwear is sold in Russia annually, and 80 percent of the goods sold are foreign made. Analysts have estimated that 90 percent of products would disappear from shelves, if the ban goes into effect this summer as planned.

The Eurasian Economic Commission declined to comment Monday, saying it was preparing to issue a statement about the underwear ban.

While consumer outrage may force customs union officials to compromise, many see the underwear ban as yet another example of the misguided economic policies that have become a trademark of many post-Soviet countries.

Sunday’s panty protest in Kazakhstan followed a larger demonstration the day before against a 19 percent devaluation of the country’s currency, the tenge.

Other people laughed off the panty ban, seeing it as yet another attempt to add regulations and controls to an already byzantine bureaucracy in the three countries.

“I think (the girls)… will still have the opportunity to wear it (synthetic underwear) whether you can buy it in Russia or not,” said 22-year-old Muscovite Trifon Gadzhikasimov, noting that most of his friends travel abroad regularly. “I think this is just another silly law that shows the ineffectiveness of our government.”

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Putin on The Ritz – Sochi Showcases Wonders of Command Economies…

Photographic Proof That Sochi Is A Godforsaken Hellscape Right Now

In Russia, Olympics compete against you! Follow @SochiFails for more of this.                 posted on  February  6, 2014 at  2:18pm EST

                           BuzzFeed Staff                                               posted  February  6, 2014  2:18pm EST
I know, right? Now tell your friends!
Photographic Proof That Sochi Is A Godfors…
1. The final preparations for the highly anticipated and perpetually controversial Sochi Olympics are furiously underway.

2. But unfortunately for the tightly controlled Russian PR machine, international reporters have arrived.

In 24 hours alone, 26,000 tweets have been sent using the hashtag #SochiProblems http://t.co/KIlAnDWCaw

3. And here are the things they are finding:

 Hallways very dangerous, keep calm and carry on…or trip and fall and hit head. #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

A lot of complaints about the accommodations. This is the foyer of my apartment. #SochiProblems

Ok, so my hotel doesn’t have a lobby yet.

For those of you asking, when there’s no lobby in your hotel, you go to the owner’s bedroom to check in. #Sochi2014

7. Live wires in showers.

New plumbing work or extra shower hose? @espnWD. #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

Light fixtures falling from celling are normal, go back to bed. #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

My hotel has no water. If restored, the front desk says, “do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous.” #Sochi2014

Water restored, sorta. On the bright side, I now know what very dangerous face water looks like. #Sochi #unfiltered

How does water take urine away after I use it? #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

We torture your bowels with complex toilets. #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

No flush, must play basketball with used toilet paper. #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

Only shell of toilet, you have no way to flush! #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

Made a lot of new friends this morning #sochi #Sochi2014 #SochiProblems

No toboggan in restaurants, this is law. #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

I think @blakeshelton‘s song took too much meaning in Russia. #HoneyBee #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

You can have internet, but it must be impossible to use. #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

Ignore construction, if you fall in man-hole you see whole new side of city. #Sochi2014 #SochiProblems

The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s green where you….paint it. #SochiProblems @PHSCE

Got back to hotel. Lift broken after half day in use. Trekked up stairs. Door to my floor (that’d be the fire door) locked. Utter farce.

Firehose there for artistic impression, give it a try. #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

5am update: The stray dogs are all awake and barking at each other, like birds on a tree just before sunrise.

THIS IS AN EMERGENCY SITUATION, LEAVE THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY. 6am Sochi wake up. Brief moment of terror as locked fire door.

Sochi cribs. Check out my couch! #sochi #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

30. Some of the situations are so bad they inspired their own memes.

Uh, Miley? What did you do to my hotel room? #SochiProblems #Sochi2014

31. And people have even made a survival guide.

32. Journalists making fun of the Sochi conditions will most likely continue through the Olympics.

Just arrived at Sochi, I could have sworn my hotel room looked different online

33. Especially in light of extravagant spending elsewhere…

34. But have no fear! If you are having problems, you can tweet at game organizer Dmitry Chernyshenko.

@DChernyshenko Our media hotel is not ready Dmitry….11 rooms booked five months ago, only one ready. Please help.

35. And he will tell you to look at mountains.

@HarryCNN to believe you need just to turn back and to look at the mountains 😉

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