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Random Humor for the Weekend

Here is some random humor to end the work week and start off the weekend with a laugh…

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June 24, 2014 · 6:34 pm

Government Work

I was driving along the freeway in heavy traffic one day when I saw a Department of Transportation truck driving on the side landscaping area.  Traffic was so slow, I watched as a man got out, got a shovel from the back, then dug a hole.  He then drove off.

As traffic continued slowly, bumper to bumper, I saw another Department of Transportation truck come up.  This time another man got out, grabbed a shovel, and then filled the hole.

I continued to watch this use of my taxpayer dollars until traffic finally eased enough I could catch up to the two of them and demand an explanation.  After all, they work for me, the taxpayer right?

I managed to flag down both trucks.  The men ambled over to me, saw I was upset and crossed their arms.

“I’ve watched you now for some time!” I shouted.  “You there, you drive along and dig holes and then you over there, you fill them up.  What the hell is this?  Why are you wasting my tax dollars like this?”

The first spoke up.  “Look Buddy, it’s not our fault.  You see my name is Joe and it’s my job to dig the holes.”

The second spoke next, “And my name is Frank, and it’s my job to fill the holes.”

I just stared angry.

“Well you see,”  said Joe, “Bobby called in sick.  He’s the one that drives between us and sticks in the trees.”

[Yes, this is a joke and not a true story.  It is only funny because we all know it could have been true.]

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Funny, Sarcastic Cards

Funny sarcastic cards.  Hard to describe them beyond that.  Enjoy:

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