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Carrie Fisher: I had sex with Princess Leia fans

Carrie Fisher has admitted that she slept with a number of ‘nerds’ who were obsessed with her Star Wars character Princess Leia.

The actress was idolised by a generation of sci-fi fans, thanks to the famous scene which saw her wearing a gold ‘slave girl’ bikini, and she has revealed that many wanted to live out their sexual fantasies with her.

Carrie Fisher: I had sex with Princess Leia fans
Carrie Fisher has revealed she had sex with Star Wars fans

‘I certainly have, along the way, slept with a nerd. But I don’t think I ever got anything out of it except the sex. It was probably good. Nerds will surprise you. They’re way more enthusiastic. More bang with your buck,’ she told the New York Daily News.

The actress also teased fans by revealing how the trilogy’s director George Lucas told her to go braless under her white costume.

‘I asked George to explain it to me and he said, “When you go into space, you’re weightless and then your body expands. But your bra doesn’t.” So he told me you’d get strangled by your bra,’ she added.

In a previous interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Carrie revealed that she got the role in Star Wars, which propelled her to fame at the age of 19, after she ‘slept with some nerd’.

Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2010/12/14/carrie-fisher-i-had-sex-with-princess-leia-fans-612025/#ixzz3vYkUO6PK

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20th November, 2015 by Lucy Shaw

A Star Wars convention in Manchester will include a pop-up bar inspired by locations from the film series that aims to transport fans to a galaxy far far away.

The Star-Wars themed Cantina bar. Photo credit: Gary Louth

As reported by the Manchester Evening News, the bar at an exhibition centre in Trafford Park forms part of the For The Love Of The Force convention.

Named the Cantina bar, the space will serve blue “bantha milk” cocktails, which Luke Skywalker first drinks in Star Wars Episode IV.

In the films blue milk could be found on most planets across the galaxy and was known for being rich, refreshing and sweet. The Cantina cocktail is made with Irish Meadow Country Cream, Red Square Vodka and a dash of blue food colouring.

Other cocktails on pour will be Wookie Juice, featuring Red Square Sloe Vodka, lemon juice and sugar syrup; a Princess Punch made with vodka, elderflower cordial, lemon juice and soda; and Jam Jar Binks, which blends Red Square Toffee Vodka with apple schnapps and lemon juice.

The bar features an Ewok village, Yoda’s Dagobah swamp and Jabba The Hutt’s palace complete with an eight-foot model of the slug-like creature.

Before the convention kicks off in December, the bar, which boasts a full size replica of the X-wing Starfighter, will host a series of events to whet attendees appetites.

Manager of the convention Andy Kleek hopes the cocktail bar will become a permanent fixture if it proves a success. For The Love Of The Force takes place at the Manchester Bowler’s Exhibition Centre on December 4-6.

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Out Of This World: Triton Oxygen Respirator Extracts Air Underwater

Just like in Star Wars for the Jedi…  Hopefully we won’t find Gungans in our lakes and oceans…


“A new invention looks set to change Scuba and diving in general. It’s shocking task lies in the idea of microscopic, nano scale ‘artificial Gills’, can effectively separate the Oxygen from the water while diving, on demand. A series of tiny threads or strands have microscopic holes along their width, which are smaller than water molecules.

It’s called the ‘Triton Oxygen Respirator‘ (Image Below), a miniature but incredible device that will do away for the need to move bulky tanks on dives, and allow the dives to last much, much longer than can be had with current equipment.

The weight accumulations will help emergency responders to move around more calmly too without having to movebulky and heavy tanks around with them. We inhale about 6 litres per minute (when resting) and maybe 10 times that when working tough, so a pack containing 2 or 3 litres of water will stockpile a generous supply of O2, enough to last long enough to pursuit and salvage people from smoke filled buildings.

The Scuba industry is thinking ahead onto commercial, private and military ships as a secure device expressed to all passengers and crew, aircraft too if they have to dive into the sea. It could also be used on land, by firefighters, with minor adjustments. All they’d need would be a small canister of water or something identical to a hydration backpack to excerpt O2 from..there’s lots of O2 in a particular litre of water..about 630 litres worth.

( via topinfopost.com )”

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Star Wars Samurai Figures Coming to A Galaxy Near You

Star Wars Samurai Figures Coming to A Galaxy Near You

I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking for this one….

Star Wars Samurai Darth Vader

star wars Samurai Storm Trooper

Star Wars Samurai Boba Fett

star wars samurai imperial guard

star wars samurai sand trooper

Lord Vader and the Classic Stormtrooper have been on sale for some time in Japan, the new Boba Fett, Sandtrooper and Imperial Guard will all go on sale over the next few months in to 2016.  They are a part of Tamashii Nations’ Meisho (great commander) Movie Realization toy line.  The Sandtrooper Stormtrooper went on pre-sale on August 25(Japan time). Each figure stands 170 millimeters tall (about 6.7 inches) and will cost 8,856 yen (US $74.25).  Clearly these are aimed at the adult collector and not the kid looking to break them out and toss them all over the backyard.  Not sure the price would stop me from taking these out and playing with them though!!

More pictures of these beautiful detailed figures can be seen at the official website:


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Cosplay Pictures for the Weekend

Cosplayers and their outfits for you to enjoy…

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Cosplay Pictures

Sorry for the late post.  I found some more PCC 2015 pictures and mingled those with some others.  Enjoy!

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Final Pictures from Phoenix Comic Con 2015

I’m sorry it took so long to get these posted, but apparently my new camera takes 8 meg photos which take a long time to send over wifi.  Enjoy!

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Star Wars Cars

Star Wars cars for your enjoyment..

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Cosplay pictures for your Weekend

Sorry to be a day late…down with the flu.  Please enjoy these pictures of cosplay.

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Renaissance/Victorian Crossplay Mash-ups!

This is a collection of the awesome work of Sacha Goldberger who combines models, costumes and photography to create what I think are pretty cool and unique cosplay ideas and art.


Imagine your favorite comic book, movie, and fairy tale heroes and villains if they existed during the Renaissance. What might a painted portrait of them from those times have looked like?

Wonder no more. Photographer Sacha Goldberger was part of an event in Paris recently where these iconic characters—including Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, The Hulk, Darth Vader, Catwoman, Princess Leia, Joker, Superman, Snow White, and others—were photographed with a decidedly old school look to them, creating a fascinating set of Renaissance painting-style cosplay images.

You can check out a bunch of the images below to see how some of your favorites would have looked in a different time.

It’s also worth noting that these are all said to be legit shots. No photoshop has been used to enhance them, even with the models in the Superman and Princess Leia images, who both look eerily similar to Christopher Reeve and Carrie Fisher.

More of the images can be found at Goldberger’s Facebook page, where you can also find images of the gallery where these pictures were hung on the wall to really make them look authentic.

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