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A Tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs – Just Saw the Film “John Carter”

I just watched the movie John Carter in that annoying 3D with my wife this weekend.  I must say it was very entertaining and the special effects were oustanding.  On the downside, the overall plot is muddled because it is a combination of three books, not one.  This is a typical Hollywood problem as in Master and Commander which took liberally from 21 books by O’Brien, making a real sequel difficult, and confusing the storyline.  There was also a problem with the casting of one of the good guys who looks just like the twin of the main bad guy.  Luckily, most everthing else works, and the good guys and bad guys are clear and the love story is overwhelmingly clear, so the rest is not too bad.  I love the new four armed creatures, and especially woola, who plays the Martian dog.  Since I love dogs, he was my favorite character.

But the purpose of this post is not to review John Carter, but because of a comment my wife made after we saw it.  She told me, “I didn’t realize Edgar Rice Burroughs did this.”  Not only that, I pointed out, but he did it a LONG time ago.  In fact, Princess of Mars was written in 1912!  Burroughs was born in 1875 and died in 1950.  He is one of the most prolific American sci-fi writers in history, and he did it back when things were running on steam.  Electricity and gasoline were just being discovered.  Flight was just being discovered.  The man was amazing, truly up there with Jules Verne and HG Wells.  So this is an homage to Burroughs, a man I hope to emulate in some small fashion with my own sci-fi adventure books.  I think a list of his works will speak for themselves.   Just remember when you watch John Carter – it was written by someone in 1912…

Barsoom series

         A Princess of Mars (1912)

Tarzan series

Pellucidar series

Book Cover: Pirates of Venus

Venus series

           Pirates of Venus (1934)

Caspak series

Moon series

  • The Moon Maid (1926) (aka The Moon Men)
    • Part I: The Moon Maid
    • Part II: The Moon Men
    • Part III: The Red Hawk

These three texts have been published by various houses in one or two volumes. Adding to the confusion, some editions have the original (significantly longer) introduction to Part I from the first publication as a magazine serial, and others have the shorter version from the first book publication, which included all three parts under the title The Moon Maid.[13]

Mucker series

Other science fiction

Jungle adventure novels

Western novels

G-Force series

  • G-Force (1944)
  • Requiem for the Nation (1948)
  • Leonard Saber Strikes Back (1956, posthumous)

Historical novels

Other works

As I said, what a body of work!  Awesome job Edgar Rice Burroughs, you are still bringing joy and wonder to audiences a hundred years later.  Well done indeed.

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Imperial Outpost Also Selling Hard Copies of My Book

Imperial Outpost in Glendale, Arizona has joined the list of folks selling hard copies of my book, The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship.  They are a great group of people who sell a variety of gaming merchandise and regularly have live play at their store for fans.  I have also discussed having myself and some fellow sci-fi genre authors do a book signing at an upcoming event.  Here is their blogsite, and you can also friend them on Facebook:


Please support this store as there are too few cool places left in this economy.  Comic books, sci-fi and gaming don’t pay well, so let’s all look out for each other.  Also, please check out my Store, as I have new publications with my shorter work in them, including the latest Palo Verde Pages and the ConNotations NewZine.  I regularly update that location for newly published items.

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Thanks Evermore Nevermore!!

A special thanks to Bob and his wife at Evermore Nevermore in Mesa.  They are located at 127 W. Main Street, Mesa, AZ.  Their phone number is:  480-964-4624     Evermore Nevermore is a very cool store with Steampunk, SciFi, comic books and all sorts of interesting items.  They also allowed me to do the book signing at the Steampunk Streets III for Second Fridays in Mesa  AND, even better, they will be selling copies of my book, The Travelers’ Club and the Ghost Ship in their store.  Please stop by, buy some stuff, and say hi to Bob for me.

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