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Star Wars Samurai Figures Coming to A Galaxy Near You

Star Wars Samurai Figures Coming to A Galaxy Near You

I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking for this one….

Star Wars Samurai Darth Vader

star wars Samurai Storm Trooper

Star Wars Samurai Boba Fett

star wars samurai imperial guard

star wars samurai sand trooper

Lord Vader and the Classic Stormtrooper have been on sale for some time in Japan, the new Boba Fett, Sandtrooper and Imperial Guard will all go on sale over the next few months in to 2016.  They are a part of Tamashii Nations’ Meisho (great commander) Movie Realization toy line.  The Sandtrooper Stormtrooper went on pre-sale on August 25(Japan time). Each figure stands 170 millimeters tall (about 6.7 inches) and will cost 8,856 yen (US $74.25).  Clearly these are aimed at the adult collector and not the kid looking to break them out and toss them all over the backyard.  Not sure the price would stop me from taking these out and playing with them though!!

More pictures of these beautiful detailed figures can be seen at the official website:


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