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Reminder of My Panels at LepreCon 38

LepreCon 38 starts TOMORROW, it goes Thursday through Sunday!

The event is held at the Tempe Mission Palms in Tempe, Arizona.  For a link to find out more, go to:


I will be appearing in seven panels, a book signing, and a book reading, as well as selling autographed copies of my first two books in the Dealer Room.  Hope to see you there.

My personal schedule:


LIT-Good, Bad & Ugly of Genre Fiction 1-2pm Palm E

Whether it’s made into a movie and television show, some of these genre fiction stories are good or bad for their fans. We will discuss when such stories get ugly for the general population. What’s good and bad about Twilight, True Blood, and other genre fiction works.

SCI – Laboratory went Boom 6-7pm Joshua Tree

A discussion on laboratory mistakes and how they lead to discoveries and/or spectacular failures.


 SOC-Here comes the Apocalypse 2-3pm Xavier

The Noah story and other end of days’ theories – facts or stuff for the fiction books? Why are the apocalyptic story lines so prevalent in today’s television, movies and books?

Autograph session in dealer’s room 3-4pm

 SCI-The Stem Cell Hamburger Drive-Thru 4-5pm Xavier

Stem Cell Hamburgers, would you eat them?  A discussion on the current state of genetically engineered food and animal cloning in general.

 LIT – Independent Publishing Update 5:00-6:30pm Palm F

What’s new on the horizon for the Indie authors and publishers? There is so much changing that it’s hard to keep up with the technology used to support the pros and entertain the masses.

LIT/MED – Why is Steampunk picking up steam 7-8 pm Palm E

Sherlock Holmes, Wild Wild West, The Three Musketeers have all shared a new major element in their story lines and that is adding steampunk. Why has the turn of the century historical costumes, gadgets and ideas become so popular today?


 Michael Bradley Reading 11-11:30am Boardroom

Excerpts from Two Books – The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship and Twisted History

SCI/LIT – Science research for book writing 3-4pm Xavier

Questions that will be discussed: Will guns rust in space? If we use super hot water for propulsion, how will the engines hold up or work, long term? Can we recycle the space junk left behind by the Apollo teams when we live on the Moon? Can we make a multiple planetary lander today or can we even expect this in the future?

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Stem Cell Burgers – Will YOU Eat Them?

The world’s first “test-tube” meat, a hamburger made from a cow’s stem cells, will be produced this fall, announced Dutch scientist Mark Post Chair of the Physiology department atMaastricht Universityin theNetherlands.  His goal and that of other similar researchers is to take animal stem cells and “grow” meat in the laboratory.

This would eliminate the need to raise, feed, water and slaughter animals across the world in order to produce a meat supply.  By eliminating the need to raise chickens, pigs, cows, and other animals, world food supplies can be dramatically increased while reducing acreage needed for such activities.  The first test tube hamburger made from stem cells took around $250,000 to produce; but as the science becomes more efficient, it is likely that large supplies of meat could be served across the world that never breathed, walked, had sunshine or grazed.  They spent their entire “life” in a laboratory.

Theoretically, such meat will be similar to normal animals, but the concept of stem cell meat is disturbing to some, including this author.  Having grown up on a dairy myself, I know that the taste of beef and milk are highly influence by an animal’s environment and food.  Like us, cows are what they eat, both nature and nurture.  Milkweed, if consumed by a cow, will cause sour milk. Kobe beef is the result of massaged cows force fed beer each day.  How will laboratory beef differ?  Will there be missing enzymes, tastes or items that take a real animal to produce?

Will PETA, vegans, or vegetarians choose to eat meat if no animal died to produce it?  As strange as all these questions sound, it is my prediction that within just ten to twenty years stem cell meat products will be as common as irradiated vegetables and genetically engineered corn and soy bean seeds are now.  Will the organic movement embrace the raising of real animals or will they endorse suffering free grown tissue?

The old joke that this “tastes like chicken” might actually even become true for chicken that was never born or lived but is still served by a future KFC battered up and spiced and dropped in a bucket at a drive through in your near future.  In fact, you can get all types of unique sizes and shapes, no more breast, thigh, wing, drumstick – you can grow chicken in the shape of alphabet soup if you want.  Think of the possibilities…

Yummy, do you want mustard and mayo with that?


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