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Captain America

untitled (27)Sunday my wife and I watched Captain America, The Winter Soldier.  As fate would have it, Congressman Trent Franks and his awesome wife Josie went to see it at the same time at the same theater.  We’ve not seen them in a long time but I first met them back in 1989 and they are great people.  Ironically, the members of the House Armed Forces Committee call Trent Franks “Captain America” because of his well-known patriotism and commitment to veterans.  It was really good to see him and his wife still have a movie date night besides having young kids and his busy bi-coastal schedule between Arizona and Washington, D.C.


The movie was awesome.  One of the best I have seen in awhile.  Unfortunately, it was a bit violent for the people who brought their young children to see it.  I would recommend age 14 ate least.  There is not just killing, but tons of violence and action.  I will probably write a review, but until then, I recommend it if you are considering watching it to go out and enjoy it.




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Sherrif Paul Babeu

I first met Paul Babeu while I was Chief of Staff to the Arizona Speaker of the House.  He was a young, bright, articulate man working for Governor Napolitano’s border task force.  He coordinated efforts of the National Guard and the border patrol.  He struck as me as very intelligent, dedicated and energetic.  He is the kind of person you just naturally admire when you talk with them.  Through the years our paths have crossed many times and I consider him at least a friendly acquaintance if not a personal friend.  The entire time I have known Paul, he has been driven by one goal – to protect the people of Arizona from violence.  He not only has dedicated his career to this, been consistent on his message, but he has also personally put his life on the line many times and unfortunately had to suffer the injury or death of those he worked with in the same cause.

I live in Congressman Trent Franks district.  I have known and been friends with Trent since 1989 and I am glad to have such great representation.  My only regret is that I cannot vote in support of Paul Babeu for Congress, because I am not in his district.  We need people like him who are dedicated to helping their fellow citizens and willing to pay the price to do so.

I was saddened at the recent spectacle in the press associated with Paul.  He did what hundreds of millions have done – he took a cell phone picture of himself to show others what he looked like.  He had a relationship that ended with hurt feelings.  Both of those are so commonplace, they should not be news, but in today’s tear down everyone society they are.

If I looked like Paul Babeu, I would probably have thousands of pictures taken of myself.  Unfortunately, if I posted my own shirtless body, people would go blind, and that would have been the last image they saw.  It would be permanently imprinted on their damaged retinas.  Some things you simply can’t unsee.

No one is perfect.  Everyone wants to pile on nowadays and kick people when they are down.  I wanted to take this moment to do the opposite.  This incident does not change the fifteen years I have seen Paul Babeu put his life and his reputation on the line to help others.  Thank you Paul for what you have done in the past and what you will do in the future.  I have made many mistakes and done embarrassing things I still won’t share here.  Hopefully, this is the worst you will have to deal with.


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