Eye Project

I want to do a project with pictures of eyes.  “The Eyes of Cosplay” or “The Eyes Have It” or something similar.  A share of the profits, if any, would be distributed to each of the participants.  Each participant will also be able to buy copies at costs for their own resale at events.  Let me know if you think this is a good idea and if you would be interested in participating.  I am not sure if it works better as a calendar or perhaps a print.  The following are some samples of eyes photos like I had in mind.  We can either take the shots with a photographer in Arizona, or you could send your own for consideration.  Your feedback is very much appreciated.


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5 responses to “Eye Project

  1. I would be willing to participate. I could send a few shots of my own first…


  2. Shannon

    I would be willing to participate in this…I could send my own personal picture samples to start if you’d like…


    • Michael Bradley

      Awesome. Send them to eiverness@cox.net. Remember, they can be shopped and include lenses, etc, but we are attempting to celebrate the beautiful diversity and natural appeal of the windows of the soul. I have always been an eye and smile man, hence marrying my wife 29 years ago… 🙂


      • Shannon

        Hi! Cute comment about your wife! So sweet you two are so in love. I emailed you photos this morning from a different email please use that one for correspondence 🙂


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