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These Beautiful Antique Photos Were Made With Potato Starch

Almost 30 years before Kodachrome, two French brothers invented a way to take color photos. The autochrome process they developed gave the soft, slightly blurred images the feel of an Impressionist painting.

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The Captivating Beauty of Libraries Around the World

New York-based, French photographer Franck Bohbot documents the breathtaking beauty of libraries in his ongoing series House of Books. Traveling to cities like Paris, Rome, and Boston, the photographer creates a visual record of the bastions of knowledge and learning that have been the pillars of civilization for thousands of years.

In addition to centuries’ worth of information, these libraries found around the world house artifacts and stunning architectural elements that date back hundreds of years. Endless shelves of books run along ornately decorated walls beneath arching ceilings, creating strikingly symmetrical scenes. Rows of desks, chairs, and lamps invite readers to sit and lose themselves in a quiet world filled with rich words, the soothing rustle of pages turning, and the comforting smell of ink on paper.

Above: Bibliothèque nationale de France (Paris)

Biblioteca Angelica (Rome)

Biblioteca Vallicelliana (Rome)

Bibliothèque Mazarine (Paris)

Bibliothèque du Sénat (Paris)

Bibliothèque interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne (Paris)

Bibliothèque Mazarine (Paris)

Bibliothèque nationale de France—Le site François-Mitterrand (Paris)

Boston Public Library (Boston)

Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève (Paris)

Franck Bohbot’s website


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Ancient Trees: Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees

Ancient Trees: Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees
by Julija K.

Beth Moon, a photographer based in San Francisco, has been searching for the world’s oldest trees for the past 14 years. She has traveled all around the globe to capture the most magnificent trees that grow in remote locations and look as old as the world itself.
“Standing as the earth’s largest and oldest living monuments, I believe these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment” writes Moon in her artist statement.
Sixty of Beth Moon’s duotone photos were published in a book titled “Ancient Trees: Portraits Of Time”. Here you can have a sneak preview of the book, full of strangest and most magnificent trees ever.
More info: bethmoon.com | abbeville.com (h/t: colossal)

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Ani-Humans by Lennette Newell (Warning: Body Painting Contains Artistic Nudity)

  scream itarticle-2034342-0DBC9C2B00000578-803_964x661zebra and zebra lady communicatingLennette_Newell_19_CoultiqueThis amazing, truly awe-inspiring series was envision and brought to life by Lennette Newell, an American photographer, based in Los Angeles. Ani-Humans is the name chosen by the artist for her exhibition and it can be considered a lifelong dream come true.

Born and raised on the high plains of Western Nebraska, as the daughter of a veterinarian, she used to fantasize of becoming one of the animals her father took care of.  Lennette Newell’s personality was influenced by this, combined with the environment she grew in, The Great Plains, shaping her character and determining her conceptions: greatly involved in nature’s preservation, she supports the changes needed by our planet in order to survive.

ani-human cheetahimages323ani-human cheetahThe photo shoot, Ani-Humans, took place at the famous Smashbox Studios, in L.A., featuring six different exotic animals and three rather brave models. The animals were brought from in and around Los Angeles, the cast consisting of an elephant, two zebra and tigers, a baboon, a cheetah and, finally, a python. Lennette Newell made sure that the animals were treated as good as their human counterparts, every one being closely monitored by their own personal trainer, as they interacted with them.ani-human AFRICAN ELEPHANT131467141_71nThe life of the models, Jasmina, Paolo and Kaela, weren’t easy either, undertaking over seven hours of makeup, for the four days needed to complete the Ani-Humans series.  Although naked and sometimes posing in quite amusing and funny postures, Lennette Newell tried to underline the seriousness behind the idea of her project. Beside the attempt of creating a connection between the two species, the artist also struggled to remind us of our humble origins. After all, we are all animals and as a society, we should make an effort to rekindle the bond with nature, coming ever closer to our distant brothers.

ani-human pythonani-human pythonAni-Baboon Animal Seriesimages

The Ani-Humans series is Lennette Newell’s latest project. Nevertheless, her photos appealed to the public, creating a real buzz and finally granting her an honorable mention at the International Photography Awards.




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Photography – The First Time it Stopped Atrocities

John Hobbis Harris was a Christian missionary that traveled to the Belgian Congo.  His wife was an amateur photographer in this new technology of taking pictures.  Her name is Alice Seeley.  Their story is one of courage to document and fight against horrible atrocities along side such figures as William Sheppard, a black American Christian missionary,  E.V. Sjöblom, a Swedish Baptist minister, George Washington Williams, a black American minister who had fought in the US Civil War, and even Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens).  It was the photographs taken by Harris and his wife Alice Seeley that won over the public.


Alice Seeley seated. Her husband standing to her left. Not only did their photos change Belgian Congo, but the world. Their mission also provided healthcare and shelter to dismembered slaves.

King Leopold II of Belgium, like so many European monarchs in the 1800’s, had established various colonies around the world.  By the late nineteenth century, most of the world had been colonized from South America to Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands.  Belgium had a substantial colony in the Congo.  The Congo had two products that were in high demand – ivory and rubber.  There was no modern media such as TV or radio, much less the internet.  Most colonial powers could do as they pleased and no one be the wiser.

Following the American Civil War, abolitionists from America went to other areas where slavery was practiced to expose it and abolish it.  American protestant missionaries were in the forefront of this movement, often suffering death as a result.  In the Belgian Congo, the local populace was beaten, enslaved and mutilated to keep up the rubber plantations and bring in revenues for Belgium, while the indigenous animals were slaughtered.  Several newspapers, brochures and pamphlets were used to try to stop the practice, but it was these pictures that caused King Leopold II to finally stop the worst of the atrocities.

WARNING:  These images are graphic.  Not only were slaves beaten or killed, but the Belgium leaders would chop off arms and legs as punishment.

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More Photos of Abandoned Cities (haikyo)

As an ongoing interest I post pictures of abandoned areas which have their own creepy art to them.  The form of photography is sometimes referred to as haikyo, or ruins, in Japanese, based on the original photographs of the abandoned amusement parks there.

Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Cities Around The World

There are more abandoned cities than you’d think. But they’re also probably at least as creepy as you would imagine in your nightmares. Take a look at these ghost towns and get even more close and personal with Chernobyl Diaries, Now Playing. posted on May 4, 2012 at 6:07pm EDT

Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Cities Around…

Chernobyl Diaries

Pripyat, Ukraine
Site of the infamous Chernobyl incident, the entire city had to be abandoned in 1986 due to nuclear radiation.

Sanzhi District, Taiwan
The “Sanzhi UFO houses” were a major development project for some pretty unusual-looking vacation homes, which was abandoned in 1978 before it could be completed. The site was demolished in 2008, and is now being redeveloped.

Craco, Italy
Craco was a medieval village built high up on a steep summit for defensive reasons, but recurring earthquakes eventually made it impossible to sustain. Today, less than 800 people live there in a commune, while the majority remains eerily uninhabited.

Kolmanskop, Namibia
Formerly a bustling diamond mining town, after the market declined, inhabitants began leaving the town after WWI; by 1954, it was completely deserted. As it was an enclave for German colonialists for many years, the architecture is not only out of place, but its abandonment enhances it even more.

Oradour-sur-Glane, France
Oradour-sur-Glane was a village destroyed by a German military unit in 1944, killing 642 of its inhabitants. Although a new village was built nearby to replace it, today the original village stands as a memorial.

Centralia, Pennsylvania
Centralia was once a prosperous mining town, but in 1962 a mine fire broke out, which continues to burn off the coal underground to this day. As a result, its population is 10 as of 2010, making it one of the least-populated municipalities in Pennsylvania.

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Eye Project

I want to do a project with pictures of eyes.  “The Eyes of Cosplay” or “The Eyes Have It” or something similar.  A share of the profits, if any, would be distributed to each of the participants.  Each participant will also be able to buy copies at costs for their own resale at events.  Let me know if you think this is a good idea and if you would be interested in participating.  I am not sure if it works better as a calendar or perhaps a print.  The following are some samples of eyes photos like I had in mind.  We can either take the shots with a photographer in Arizona, or you could send your own for consideration.  Your feedback is very much appreciated.


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1959 Girl Watcher Magazine – The Maxim of the 50s

The June 1959 issue of Girl Watcher Magazine – the equivalent to today’s Maxim Magazine.  This is from 54 years ago, which means people who are in their 70’s now were reading this for risque enjoyment.  Your grandparents were indeed sexual beings and that is how your parents and then you got here.  We tend to think that modern America is more sexualized, which it is, but even in Ancient Rome the walls of ruins are covered with sexual graffiti.  There have always been men who always want to stare at pretty women.  I reposted this here because I think it is part of our ‘history’ that people forget.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth


It doesn’t matter how beautiful are the new tourist destinations, those that are curious will always go to visit some historical places, and when those are abandoned and not touched by the human hand for a long time, they become a mysterious riddles.

Abandoned Isle, Netherlands

Abandoned Beautiful Places25 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth


Abandoned City Near Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, UkraineAbandoned Beautiful Places24 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Boat from 2nd World War, Homebush, AustraliaAbandoned Beautiful Places23 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Railway Station in PolandAbandoned Beautiful Places22 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Mysterious Road Kerry Way, IrelandAbandoned Beautiful Places21 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Abandoned Castle from 15 Century, Black Forest, GermanyAbandoned Beautiful Places20 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Asunción, ParaguayAbandoned Beautiful Places19 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

“El Hotel del Salto”, ColumbiaAbandoned Beautiful Places18 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Underwater Bronze Statue of Jesus Christ, Mediterranean Sea, ItalyAbandoned Beautiful Places17 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Hall, West WelshAbandoned Beautiful Places16 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Abandoned Building for Distillation, BarbadosAbandoned Beautiful Places15 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Abandoned Domes in South-West FloridaAbandoned Beautiful Places14 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Body of Crashed Plane, AntarcticaAbandoned Beautiful Places13 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

A Structure in CambodiaAbandoned Beautiful Places12 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Fishermen House at Lake, GermanyAbandoned Beautiful Places11 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Bodiam Castle, East Sussex, EnglandAbandoned Beautiful Places10 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Abandoned House in Namib DesertAbandoned Beautiful Places9 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Sea Supervisory Houses in EnglandAbandoned Beautiful Places8 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Mill in FranceAbandoned Beautiful Places7 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of EarthBulgarian Communist Party HouseAbandoned Beautiful Places6 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of EarthAbandoned Mill from 1866, Sorento, ItalyAbandoned Beautiful Places5 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Part of Olympic Object for Olympic Games 1984 in Saraevo

Abandoned Beautiful Places4 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Old Factory for Russian Rockets in RussiaAbandoned Beautiful Places3 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

Abandoned Tunnel of Love in UkraineAbandoned Beautiful Places2 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth

 Abandoned Theater in ChicagoAbandoned Beautiful Places1 Top 25 Most Amazing Abandoned Corners of Earth


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20 Haunting Pictures Of Abandoned Asylums

20 Haunting Pictures Of Abandoned Asylums

Abandoned mental asylums litter forgotten landscapes across the world. But these spooky buildings don’t compare to the fright you’ll experience inside the notorious Briarcliff Manor, the setting of American Horror Story: Asylum. Whet your macabre appetite with these haunting photos, and commit yourself to American Horror Story: Asylum. Wednesdays at 10p only on FX.

[My personal note – In Japan, ruins are known as haikyo (廃虚?) (literally “abandoned place”).  There is a growing interest in Haikyo exploration and photography if you are also interested in the eerie coolness of things falling apart.  I have posted other posts on this, including abandoned Soviet Union cold war facilities and abandoned amusement parks.]

1. Cane Hill Asylum (England)

Cane Hill Asylum (England)

2. Henryton State Hospital (Maryland)

Henryton State Hospital (Maryland)

3. Whittingham Asylum (England)

Whittingham Asylum (England)

4. Stone House Hospital (England)

Stone House Hospital (England)

5. Norwich State Hospital (Connecticut)

Norwich State Hospital (Connecticut)

6. South Carolina State Hospital (South Carolina)

South Carolina State Hospital (South Carolina)

7. Hart Island Women’s Asylum (New York)

Hart Island Women's Asylum (New York)

Via io9.com

8. Pennhurst State Hospital (Pennsylvania)

Pennhurst State Hospital (Pennsylvania)

9. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (West Virginia)

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (West Virginia)

10. Kings Park Psychiatric Center (New York)

Kings Park Psychiatric Center (New York)

11. Pilgram State Hospital (New York)

Pilgram State Hospital (New York)

12. Severalls Hospital (England)

Severalls Hospital (England)

13. Hellingly Mental Asylum (England)

Hellingly Mental Asylum (England)

14. Northampton State Lunatic Asylum

Northampton State Lunatic Asylum

15. Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital (New Jersey)

Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital (New Jersey)

16. Linda Vista Community Hospital (California)

Linda Vista Community Hospital (California)

17. Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Kentucky)

Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Kentucky)

18. Lier Mental Hospital (Norway)

Lier Mental Hospital (Norway)

19. Traverse City State Hospital (Michigan)

Traverse City State Hospital (Michigan)

20. West Park Hospital (England)

West Park Hospital (England)


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