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Eye Project

I want to do a project with pictures of eyes.  “The Eyes of Cosplay” or “The Eyes Have It” or something similar.  A share of the profits, if any, would be distributed to each of the participants.  Each participant will also be able to buy copies at costs for their own resale at events.  Let me know if you think this is a good idea and if you would be interested in participating.  I am not sure if it works better as a calendar or perhaps a print.  The following are some samples of eyes photos like I had in mind.  We can either take the shots with a photographer in Arizona, or you could send your own for consideration.  Your feedback is very much appreciated.


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Artists Will Understand…

For all my artist friends – Did you ever find it cool that of all the most ancient works of man, the earliest and best preserved are the cave paintings?

The burly hunter would stroll in with his fresh kill, all proud and haughty, look at the artist and say -” No one cares about your stupid drawings! Why should I give you some meat for those, what about the exposure you get by having your work on my cave wall?”

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