Steampunk Awesomeness

All of the pictures in the gallery below are reprinted here with permission of Tinker Hobnobbit from posts he has made on Steampunk.  He has a real eye for things I think are cool, so I asked him.  His permission, and my reproducing them are conditional:  1) we do not know all the models; and 2) we do not know all the photographers, artists, or artisans who fashioned them.  I have left all bugs and watermarks on them as always.  If you wish me to add credits, please send any to and I will update the photo the same day.  Please let me know a description so I get the correct one.  If you wish me to remove any of them, also, please let me know.  They are here simply for enjoyment, I do not get revenues from this site.


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3 responses to “Steampunk Awesomeness

  1. awesome collection 🙂


  2. Who can’t love the little steampunk R2D2???


  3. wsmarble

    Tremendous gallery!


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