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Steampunk Awesomeness

All of the pictures in the gallery below are reprinted here with permission of Tinker Hobnobbit from posts he has made on Steampunk.  He has a real eye for things I think are cool, so I asked him.  His permission, and my reproducing them are conditional:  1) we do not know all the models; and 2) we do not know all the photographers, artists, or artisans who fashioned them.  I have left all bugs and watermarks on them as always.  If you wish me to add credits, please send any to eiverness@cox.net and I will update the photo the same day.  Please let me know a description so I get the correct one.  If you wish me to remove any of them, also, please let me know.  They are here simply for enjoyment, I do not get revenues from this site.



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Thank You to Varla Skye and My Steampunk Army

Varla Skye and My Steampunk Army contribute many of the cool steampunk aircrew shots I feature on this site.  Here is a shout out thank you to them, and if you want to see more, which I KNOW you do, here is Varla Skye’s FB page, and My Steampunk Army FB page.  Please stop by, like them, and say you saw them here…


My Steampunk Army


varla skye

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