Ani-Humans by Lennette Newell (Warning: Body Painting Contains Artistic Nudity)

  scream itarticle-2034342-0DBC9C2B00000578-803_964x661zebra and zebra lady communicatingLennette_Newell_19_CoultiqueThis amazing, truly awe-inspiring series was envision and brought to life by Lennette Newell, an American photographer, based in Los Angeles. Ani-Humans is the name chosen by the artist for her exhibition and it can be considered a lifelong dream come true.

Born and raised on the high plains of Western Nebraska, as the daughter of a veterinarian, she used to fantasize of becoming one of the animals her father took care of.  Lennette Newell’s personality was influenced by this, combined with the environment she grew in, The Great Plains, shaping her character and determining her conceptions: greatly involved in nature’s preservation, she supports the changes needed by our planet in order to survive.

ani-human cheetahimages323ani-human cheetahThe photo shoot, Ani-Humans, took place at the famous Smashbox Studios, in L.A., featuring six different exotic animals and three rather brave models. The animals were brought from in and around Los Angeles, the cast consisting of an elephant, two zebra and tigers, a baboon, a cheetah and, finally, a python. Lennette Newell made sure that the animals were treated as good as their human counterparts, every one being closely monitored by their own personal trainer, as they interacted with them.ani-human AFRICAN ELEPHANT131467141_71nThe life of the models, Jasmina, Paolo and Kaela, weren’t easy either, undertaking over seven hours of makeup, for the four days needed to complete the Ani-Humans series.  Although naked and sometimes posing in quite amusing and funny postures, Lennette Newell tried to underline the seriousness behind the idea of her project. Beside the attempt of creating a connection between the two species, the artist also struggled to remind us of our humble origins. After all, we are all animals and as a society, we should make an effort to rekindle the bond with nature, coming ever closer to our distant brothers.

ani-human pythonani-human pythonAni-Baboon Animal Seriesimages

The Ani-Humans series is Lennette Newell’s latest project. Nevertheless, her photos appealed to the public, creating a real buzz and finally granting her an honorable mention at the International Photography Awards.


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