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Twisted Nightmares now on Kindle for just 99 Cents!

Twisted Nightmares now on Kindle for just 99 Cents!  I definitely recommend you pick up a copy of this anthology of horror short stories and poems.  It is a steal at 99 cents and includes works from yours truly – Michael Bradley.  Edited by Andrew Terech.



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Twisted Nightmares Will be Out Soon!

The latest book project will be out on Kindle, Nook, and print versions soon.  I just got the proof copies and we are making a few small changes.  Twisted Nightmares is the second is a series of books that will come out once per year.  The first was Twisted History, an anthology of alternative history stories written by writers from all different genres, making it “twisted.”  The purpose is to induce fresh perspectives into standard genres by having new authors take different approaches to the work than regular genre writers.  In Twisted Nightmares, writers all submitted horror short stories and poems.  Our editor, Andrew Terech, then reviewed and selected them anonymously, and put them through a rigorous edit process.  Thanks also to Chris Wilke for his outstanding work on the cover and in the compilation process.

I am glad to say I have several that made it into print, including Future Sport, Humanity Won, Humanity Too, Terror Insertion, and The Hair.  This is the fourth time The Hair has been picked up for publication.  I will post when Twisted Nightmares will be available.  It will be 99 cents on ebook format and a bit more in print version (have to pay to get it printed, and if at a bookstore, they have to get paid too).  Thanks to all the great writers and readers out there!


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Anthology Submission Deadline – January 31st!! Just Two more weeks!!

You need to get me those submissions by January 31st!!!

For all of you writers or aspiring writers, each year I help publish an anthology on one subject.  Last year, we published Twisted History, and all the stories were alternative history.  It was “twisted” because we had comedy writers, fiction, non-fiction and other genre writers all writing alternative history.  This year, the topic is horror, and the working title is Twisted Nightmares.  Twisted History has sold thousands of copies, and we expect Twisted Nightmares to do even better.  It will be available on Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble Online, at several bookstores, and in printed form for your resale.

We accept any form of writing, poems, flash fiction, or short stories up to 5,000 words.  Your submissions are judged anonymously by a panel of writers and editors.  Selected submissions will then be professionally edited and returned to you for changes.  The deadline for submissions is January 31, 2013.  Expected publication date is March 1, 2013.  Here is a flyer which has more detail, and also has our cover, supplied to us by the original photographer for use.  (more on them later :-) )

Twisted Nightmares!

Horror Anthology

 Submissions Needed, 5,000 words or less, only horror themes.  WORD format preferred, only electronic submissions accepted.

Publishing by Michael Bradley, President, Eiverness Consulting Group, Ltd., An Arizona Corporation in Good Standing

Senior Editor – Andrew Terech



Submissions required by January 31, 2013.  Expected publication prior to May 2013 and published in Kindle format.

Please send inquiries and submissions to:


For the subject put:  Anthology Submission

This publication is designed to be an additional opportunity to highlight the talents of aspiring writers.  Those chosen for publication will receive two free copies of the printed version and will be able to buy printed copies at cost for their own use or sale.  All other profits and expenses, including electronic sales will be retained by the publisher.

Original Makeup and Character by: Kiera Von D – Blademouth (see more of Kiera’s work here:www.facebook.com/nytroxsfx)
Shared by: Jona Than

To see how pretty Blademouth is in real life and learn more:


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Amazing Art from Books!

As a writer, I want my stories to leap out at the reader, but even I cannot write a book that will leap out quite as well as these do.  They are simply amazing!  Thanks to The Chive for gathering so many cool pictures, including these.  If you do not follow The Chive, they have interesting things, as well as PG-13 to R rated women pictures, so be prepared.  I named one of the pictures below “Andrew” as an homage to my friend Andrew Terech who writes amazing horror stories.

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