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Final Pictures from Phoenix Comic Con 2015

I’m sorry it took so long to get these posted, but apparently my new camera takes 8 meg photos which take a long time to send over wifi.  Enjoy!

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Day 3 and 4 of Phoenix Comic Con

Last night Phoenix Comic Con 2014 ended.  I had a great time, but wow, sensory overload, 100,000 or so people and tons of old and new friends.  I spent most of today just chilling with the dogs and resting up.  Standing on hard concrete for four days for up to fourteen hours a day takes its toll.  I am really not sure how some of my friends are able to do up to 50 conventions per year.

There are a lot of photos below, but they are all fun and from my own camera.  Enjoy!

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Opening Day at Phoenix Comic Con 2014

Already tired and Thursday is only a half day of fun.  Phoenix Comic Con is a sensory overload of fun, costumes and friends, all set on a very firm concrete floor.  You don’t realize how much you walk until the end of the day when you have sore feet from all the standing on hard surfaces.  I forgot to buy those little spongy floor tiles for my booth again…sigh.

I had a great time today and I am looking forward to the next three days.  Here are some samples of the first day:

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Come Stop by My Booth at Phoenix ComicCon 2014!

I will be at booth #1629 back by the Star Wars exhibit area at Phoenix ComicCon.  It is my same spot as last year.  I will be signing discounted copies of my four latest books.  In addition, my wife will be selling her custom made pop culture jewelry, including avengers, hydra, Vampire Diaries, Alice in Wonderland, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, classic movies, and other items you can ONLY get from her shop, Susannes Treasures.


Joining us at our booth this year is the lovely and talented cosplayer Cassandra S. Kyle.  Also, Chris Wilke will be selling copies of his latest novel Scarlet Angel, and Hal Astell will have copies of his books on classic B-movies.  The PCC has grown until tickets are hard to get and certain times they might have lines to get into the vendor area during the peak hours due to fire marshal codes.  Be sure to stop by though and say hello.

If you have not been to a pop culture convention before, PCC is my favorite.  It has lots of things to do from indie movies, costuming, authors, comic artists, vendors, panels, zombie walks, competitions, steampunk events, manga, anime, and a host of awesome guests from TV, sci-fi, movies and other popular shows.  You can check out the con at:


The vendor area will be open today from 4 pm until 9 pm, and open all day Friday through Sunday.

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Fighting Back Against Sexual Abuse

The linked video below says it is about “everyday sexism,” which as we know in America can be used for all sorts of meanings.  However, the things described in this video are not just sexism, but actual sexual abuse of women and girls by men across the world.  Please listen, though it may be difficult for you, and join in the effort to get rid of such disturbing behavior in our society.  Help protect the young girls and the adult women from abuse.  My thanks to my friend Chris Wilke for bringing this video and this campaign to my attention.


Help Shout Back against indecent behavior towards women.  As a father, a husband and as a human being, I am outraged that this occurs at all, much less with so much frequency.


everdaysexismfunded copy 3


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Twisted Nightmares Will be Out Soon!

The latest book project will be out on Kindle, Nook, and print versions soon.  I just got the proof copies and we are making a few small changes.  Twisted Nightmares is the second is a series of books that will come out once per year.  The first was Twisted History, an anthology of alternative history stories written by writers from all different genres, making it “twisted.”  The purpose is to induce fresh perspectives into standard genres by having new authors take different approaches to the work than regular genre writers.  In Twisted Nightmares, writers all submitted horror short stories and poems.  Our editor, Andrew Terech, then reviewed and selected them anonymously, and put them through a rigorous edit process.  Thanks also to Chris Wilke for his outstanding work on the cover and in the compilation process.

I am glad to say I have several that made it into print, including Future Sport, Humanity Won, Humanity Too, Terror Insertion, and The Hair.  This is the fourth time The Hair has been picked up for publication.  I will post when Twisted Nightmares will be available.  It will be 99 cents on ebook format and a bit more in print version (have to pay to get it printed, and if at a bookstore, they have to get paid too).  Thanks to all the great writers and readers out there!


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Steampunk Airship Crew #6

Having just returned from the amazing Wild Wild West Con 2, the Steampunk Convention at Old Tucson Studios, I have to put up more Steampunk pictures.  I had a great panel with myself, friends Patti Hulstrand and Chris Wilke.  Kudos to Diana, Jason, and Noe on throwing a great convention that was tons of fun.  Built up some wife points when I purchased Becky the whole set of original Con versions of Lady Mechanika – yes Joe Benitez was there!  They were all signed and packaged, but he was nice enough to further personalize each “to Becky.”  There was also a booth selling amazingly well made corsets for just $60.  My wife went to get one, feeling a bit guilty after I had already spoiled her, but unfortunately they did not have her size in the color she wanted.

I met so many amazing new people there is not really time to list them all.  Thanks again to those who invited me out as a guest to speak on a panel about Steampunk and writing!  Thanks also to Davina and Kathleen, who were there at the panel, and purchased The Travelers’ Club and the Ghost Ship!  I hope you enjoy it immensely!

Now, to the aircrew.  The ones in the desert are most likely from WWWC2.  I will be sprinkling them over time.  You are now ready to pick the crew and staff for your sixth airship in your burdgeoning fleet.  Do you want a merchant vessel, an explorer, a pirate ship, a military vessel, a ship for world domination, or other purposes?  Choose your crew wisely.  You cannot pick more than eight.

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IronQuill Review of The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship

The folks at IronQuill have posted a review of The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship.  The League of the IronQuill can be found at http://www.ironquill.net.

Here is their review post:



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Check Out my New Book Video – Courtesy of the Awesome Christopher Wilke!

Click on the video link below to hear and see the new clip advertising my novel – The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship.


Chris is a fellow author but also a graphics art designer and marketer extraordinaire.  He will be launching his own new site soon to help aspiring writers – The Iron Quill.  I will let you all know when IQ goes live.


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Today’s Signing and Lunchables For Grown Men

Today at Next was good as I got to meet lots of interesting folks like Deborah, Emily, Alan and others.  I also got to hang out with fellow authors Gale Leach and Vincent Alascia.  Chris Wilke also stopped by and hung out with his son Connor.  Unfortunately, traffic was light today, probably because it was so nice outside.  Thanks to Next Coffee Shop for having us!

On the humorous side, I saw this picture of a lunchable for grown men.  A bit different than the children’s version:

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