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Hungry, Hungry Hippos – Latest Affect of Drug Lords…

Drug Lord’s Hippos Breeding Out of Control

Pablo Escobar’s foreign beasts terrifying fisherman, eating crops

By Arden Dier,  Newser Staff


Posted Jun 26, 2014 8:18 AM CDT | Updated Jun 29, 2014 11:01 AM CDT

(Newser) – Colombia is facing an overpopulation issue: a famed drug lord’s herd of hippos keeps expanding. Pablo Escobar built himself a zoo in the 1980s, smuggling in a host of exotic animals, including one male and three female hippos. Now, 20 years after the drug boss’s death, the hippos have found a welcoming climate—free of the drought that helps curb herd size in Africa—and apparently an appetite for sex. Estimates say there are now between 50 and 60 hippos (in 2006, the LAT pegged their population at 16), most living in one of 12 man-made lakes at Escobar’s former ranch. But a dozen have been confirmed as having broken away and into the nearby Magdalena River, meaning there could be many more; in 2009, one hippo was located 62 miles away.

Kenya Wildlife

While hippos in Africa tend to become sexually active as early as age seven for males and nine for females, the hippos in Colombia are breeding as early as three, the BBC reports. “It’s just like this crazy wildlife experiment that we’re left with,” says a San Diego University ecologist. “Gosh! I hope this goes well.” So far, it doesn’t seem to be. The beasts are terrifying fishermen, wreaking havoc on crops, and even crushing small cows. They can’t be moved back to Africa due to the possibility they carry disease, zoos aren’t interested in the adults, a reserve with hippo-proof fences would cost about $500,000, and castration would be expensive and risky for both the vets and the creatures, who the ecologist notes are highly sensitive to sedation. So how would a biologist working in the Amazon region solve the issue? “I think they should barbecue them and eat them,” he says. He isn’t kidding.



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Real Life Monsters

I have posted before on real life monsters.  You can access those earlier posts by typing, “real life monsters” into the search block on my home page.  Enjoy!

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More Cute Dogs for Your Monday Blues

My weekly post of cute dog pictures to help get you through Monday.  Enjoy!

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Animal Eyes Up Close

Extreme close-ups of Animal Eyes reposted via The Chive, via Tapiture.  I view them as an example of God’s art.  Non-believers can view them as nature’s art.  In any case, pretty amazing.

Animals eyes up close are kind of trippy (21 Photos)

APRIL 19, 2013




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Steampunk Animals

I have more of these, so I will do at least one more post.  Steampunk-style animals.  Enjoy!


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More Real Monsters

This is an ongoing post that has proven popular.  You can type in “real monsters” in the Search box on the home page to find earlier posts.  I know monster is a relative term…


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Dogs – One Day Late

Sorry about being late by one day on my usual Monday Dog Post.  I had to meet with my new cover artist for a couple of upcoming books and do some contract work.  The hip replacement is healing nicely, but my stamina is still low, so by the end of the day I just crashed instead of posting.  So here it is, cute dogs for Tuesday this time.

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