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Thanks! Over 1.5 million hits so far this year…

I want to thank everyone.  Earlier in October my humble blog site reached over 1.5 million hits and is close to 1.6 million now.  Thank you all for looking at my blog this year and for enjoying my quirky blend of dogs, cosplay, quantum physics, history, and writing.  It reflects my own warped personality and interests, so it is reassuring to know that over 1.5 million times this year others were interested in the same things.  🙂



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On Monday morning mbtimetraveler.com reached over 200,000 hits for this year alone and we’re not even through August.  Thanks to all of you who make it so much fun for me to bring you pieces of my strange, eclectic personality.  I post what I find strange, interesting or cool.  Archaeology, cosplay, comedy, steampunk, dogs, technology, vehicles, real life monsters, original writing, whatever strikes my fancy.  I am so glad that many of you enjoy and like to see some of the same things.  🙂



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