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Thanks! Over 1.5 million hits so far this year…

I want to thank everyone.  Earlier in October my humble blog site reached over 1.5 million hits and is close to 1.6 million now.  Thank you all for looking at my blog this year and for enjoying my quirky blend of dogs, cosplay, quantum physics, history, and writing.  It reflects my own warped personality and interests, so it is reassuring to know that over 1.5 million times this year others were interested in the same things.  🙂



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Travis Marsala – Young Playwright, Actor, Director and Renaissance Man

I have a few other websites.  This is mine, the one that reflects my very strange mind and my writing.

I am also lucky enough to be the editor at Arizonahealthspot.org which is a blog devoted to ONLY positive health, wellness and medical news.  No warnings about things that will kill you, only talk about things that are fun and can heal you and keep you healthy.

In addition, I just started up a new website called Arizonaprofiles.com.  At this site, once again, I only have profiles and interviews that are positive.  I am planning to focus on ‘normal people’ around us that are not celebrities or famous, but have pursued a rewarding, creative and productive life.  This can be in the arts, in foster care, charity, public service, education, etc.  The silent heroes who work hard to make our world special.  In my first post I profiled Song River, who is the Photographer behind Cowgirlzen Photography.  In this profile, Song River reciprocated by interviewing and doing a profile on Travis Marsala.  You can read the post here:



If you are interested in health issues, please feel free to follow at Arizonahealthspot.org.

If you are interested in profiles of people, please feel free to follow at Arizonaprofiles.com.


Michael Bradley, Author

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Thanks! Reached My First Big Goal!

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my eclectic mix of posts.  As you know, I have been trying to get to 500 WordPress followers.  As of today, I reached 501!  I appreciate each and every one of you.  Along with my followers on other social media, I now have 1,971 people following this blog.  It makes it all worthwhile to spend the time posting knowing that I am bringing some funny, bizarre and interesting posts to so many cool people.


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Guest Post on Writing – By Brian M. Hayden

Want to guest post on mbtimetraveler.com?  Just send me an email with your post, pictures and what not to eiverness@cox.net.  Put “Guest Column” in the message box.  Remember, no copyrighted stuff, be original, be PG-13 or cleaner, and I’ll see if I can put you up for a post.  Enjoy!

Brian M. Hayden

Brian M. Hayden

Writer Motivation – Take One


Brian M. Hayden

Have you ever said, “I’ll try to get that done by the end of the day, or week…?” Pick a time frame.  Are you the kind of person that tries hard, but at the end of the day, none of your projects are completed? Well, if you are always trying to do things and constantly falling short of actually accomplishing anything, take comfort in these next few words.


For years I hear people say, “I’m trying”, or “I’ll try my best”. Don’t you believe it. I’ve run companies for many years. Most with more than 100 employees.  Assigning tasks was part of it. When I assign a job, and the person tells me, “alright Mr. Hayden. I’ll try”. My ass begins to twitch. I know for certain that when the word “try” is used, I am getting set-up for a disappointing outcome.

Let me explain. I’d like to walk you through this simple exercise. Ready? Good. Now, find an object near you. Any object. A pen, or perhaps a cup. Anything. Now comes the hard part.

Try to pick it up.

Did you do it? I will assume that you answered “yes”. You just failed that simple test. I asked you to “try” to pick it up. I did not ask you to pick up the object.  Are you following me here?

I have thought about this since 1992, and I still don’t know what “try” means.

According to the “Free Online Dictionary” –  v. tried (tr d), try·ing, tries (tr z). v.tr. 1. To make an effort to do or accomplish (something); attempt: tried to ski. 2. To taste, sample, or otherwise test in order to … 

I believe that the word “try” is the root cause of almost all problems. Don’t believe me? Read that definition again. It affords us the opportunity to make an effort with no expectation for success.. We, (our society) is soft. Our willingness to accept a “good try” lets people off the hook for jobs left unaccomplished.

Do not fret though, for I have devised a solution to this dilemma. Here are the steps.

  • Stop using the word “try”
  • If you say you are going to do something -DO IT!
  • Commit to the philosophy: Do your best to complete the task at hand.

I can deal with someone who says, “I’ll do my best to complete this job”. If that person falls short, I’ll figure out why and help him/her to do better.

But many of you reading this blog are writers, authors, editors and other professionals.  Your inner dialog is saying: How can this new philosophy apply to my life? Allow me to respond with a question. How often have you read someone’s facebook note that reads, “I am trying to write 5000 words today”?  Facebook has many sites, most of which have people saying they are going to try to do this…or that.

Stop doing that.

Do you have writer’s block? Are you working on character development, but “try” as you may, cannot reconcile the characters? In our profession we come across myriad situations which challenge our abilities. Here is a secret.  Come closer.

Don’t try so hard. 

Say this out loud.  “I am not going to try anymore. If I am going to do something, I am going to do it.” 

One final thought: If you find yourself with writer’s block, character block, or any other impedance to a successful outcome, pick up a book and read. Reading relaxes you, frees your mind and ignites those creative juices. If that doesn’t work, give yourself a kick in the derriere, and try to do better tomorrow.


Need something to read? Pick up one of my books.



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Welcome to New Followers!!

I really appreciate all of you who come to this blog site for some fun and interesting reading.  I am now up to 468 followers on my blog and if you throw in the twitter feed @mbtimetraveler, linkedin, FB, pinterest, etc., up to around 4,000.  Every one of you are awesome!  Thanks for the support, you reading the posts makes it fun for me to put them on here.  If you think this is an enjoyable blog, please recommend it to others so we can reach that 500 blog followers mark.

Also, if you ever want some longer reading, feel free to visit my store for links to my books.  I just finished the first draft of my fifth book, Blood Bank.  I am rewriting it and then it goes to the agents/publishers for consideration.  Wish me luck!

Here are some early concept covers courtesy of the lovely Cara Nicole (AZ Powergirl) posing as the heroine of the story, Shawna.  At the beginning she is dropped naked into the Blood Bank and has nothing to defend herself but her fierce spirit and a screwdriver.  Photography and design by Alfred Trujillo:

Front Cover

Front Cover


Back Cover

Back Cover



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On Monday morning mbtimetraveler.com reached over 200,000 hits for this year alone and we’re not even through August.  Thanks to all of you who make it so much fun for me to bring you pieces of my strange, eclectic personality.  I post what I find strange, interesting or cool.  Archaeology, cosplay, comedy, steampunk, dogs, technology, vehicles, real life monsters, original writing, whatever strikes my fancy.  I am so glad that many of you enjoy and like to see some of the same things.  🙂



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