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Thanks! Over 1.5 million hits so far this year…

I want to thank everyone.  Earlier in October my humble blog site reached over 1.5 million hits and is close to 1.6 million now.  Thank you all for looking at my blog this year and for enjoying my quirky blend of dogs, cosplay, quantum physics, history, and writing.  It reflects my own warped personality and interests, so it is reassuring to know that over 1.5 million times this year others were interested in the same things.  🙂



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Unusual Wood Stoves, Burners and Fireplaces…

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Unusual Eating Utensils

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August 25, 2015 · 9:30 pm

Ballerina Takes Dancing “En Pointe” To A Whole New Level

Ballerina Wears Knife Shoes to Perform En Pointe

Ballerinas are often associated with beauty, grace, and elegant human forms. In his video En Puntas (‘On Points’), however, artist Javier Perez has managed to preserve all of these elements while also portraying the dark intensity, dedication and even violence that this graceful art form can represent.

En Puntas features ballerina Amelie Segarra dancing the en pointe ballet technique (in which the performer typically dances on the points of their toes) on the tips of huge, menacing kitchen knives in an empty, darkened theater. She struggles to maintain the grace that we typically expect of ballerinas as the knives scrape and stab ever more violently at the grand piano she’s standing on. Her composure, however, is periodically broken as she lets out a scream of frustration at the intense difficulty of her performance.

Coupled with the dark and empty theater she is performing in, the video makes for anything but light viewing. The intensity, frustration and violence of her performance (literally) on the razor’s edge are a testament to the intense dedication and sometimes physical suffering required of ballet performers.

Website: javierperez.es | via: (myampgoesto11mymodernmet)


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Amazing Finger Art

Judith Ann Braun’s Fingers Are Magical 

With an art career spanning more than three decades, Judith Ann Braun has tested the limits of her artistic musculature. She began as a self-described “realistic figure painter,” and worked through the struggles common to anyone who endeavors upon an artistic pursuit, that of searching for one’s own voice in the chosen medium.

Fast forward to the 21st century where the evolution of Braun’s work has brought us to the Fingerings series, a collection of charcoal dust landscapes and abstracts “painted” using not brushes but her fingertips. Braun has a specific interest in symmetry, as evidenced by the patterns she follows in a number of the Fingerings pieces as well as work in the Symmetrical Procedures collection. Her fingerprints are obvious up close in some of the paintings, though a step back and the grandeur of Braun’s imagination sprawls into a landscape of soft hills, overhanging trees, delicate florals, and a reflective waterway.

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Stormtrooper Helmet Art

Star Wars fans are familiar with the standard TK series of plasti-steel white blaster armor with com helmet and HUD vision slits used by the Emperor’s Imperial Stormtroopers.  However, you may not have seen the alternative art for these helmets…  Enjoy!

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Going Out in Style

This is one of the stranger posts I have made, which is saying quite a bit…  I found this Facebook site, and find it eerily captivating for its unusual content.  You see, it is all about hearses and vehicles for conveying the dead.  A celebration of going out in vehicular style.  Here is the Facebook page, Grim Rides.


Here are a collection of photos that are a small sample of what they have:

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