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Photos – A Comparison… (Unlike pictures I post, some of these from the news are NSFW in my opinion)

I was called by the press today because of “complaints” about the cosplay pictures I post.  I presume the reason has nothing to do with my writing career and more to do with my current day job.  As a result, I pointed out that my pictures are the same or calmer than the Arizona Republic, the East Valley Tribune and Prime Time TV.  So, I decided to pull some samples.  I only showed pictures from Heroes of Cosplay, which was shown in prime time with no warning that it was inappropriate to people of any age.  God forbid I would post prime time photos on Victoria’s Secret, the coverage of the Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on TV, or pictures of anyone at the beach or Arizona nightclubs…

You decide if any of my pictures are worse than our top two news websites in Arizona and prime time TV…

Arizona Republic Cosplay Pictures found in Arizonacentral.com:

Heroes of Cosplay on TV during Prime Time:

Arizonacentral.com Nightlife and “Super Bowl” coverage of the Playboy Party.  Not in an adult only area, under “Things to Do”:

East Valley Tribune coverage of cosplay:

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