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Cosplay Pictures for your Saturday Enjoyment

Cosplay Pictures for your Saturday Enjoyment

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Day One at Keen Halloween

It is a good time at Day One of Keen Halloween.  Lots of workshops, fun and great vendors.  I left a bit early while they were teaching a crowd to do the Thriller dance and right before the live bands started.  Here are some people of Day One, including yours truly as Walter White, aka Heisenberg, from Breaking Bad.


Michael Bradley as Heisenberg

heisenberg 2

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More Awesome Cosplay Pictures

Once again these are some cosplay pictures from my extensive catalog.  Cosplay = costume play.  It can be people dressing up as comic book characters, TV, Movies, pop culture, manga, anime, horror, zombies, or even just their own original costumes.  Remember how much you liked dressing up as a kid for Halloween?  Well, cosplay is like that but for adults.  If you want steampunk cosplay, I show that under a different post called steampunk aircrew.  I also do not post fetish, furries, or other such photos that are about sex and not about the fun of dressing up and playing a persona.  Enjoy!


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