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The reason why grape-flavored ice cream will never exist 




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Brilliant handcrafted sets from popular films (24 Photos)

Brilliant handcrafted sets from popular films (24 Photos)

OCTOBER 14, 2013



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Grand Theft Auto V – Easter Eggs

For those who don’t know the term, an ‘easter egg’ is something that programmers/artists put into code or media that are somewhat hidden or hard to find, but meant to be fun.  Disney studios got into trouble when it was found that in every Disney video, the artists put in an inappropriate frame.  The human eye cannot see the frame unless you put the video on frame by frame slow motion.  It is kind of an inside joke, fun thing.  This reached the public awareness when it was noticed that not so well hidden on the cover of the Little Mermaid video was a phallic symbol disguised poorly as a castle tower.

For gamers, often you have to reach certain achievements or do certain things in the game to ‘unlock’ an easter egg.  Sometimes, they are put in out of the way places or simply in plain site.  Here is a collection made of some Easter Eggs in the newest Grand Theft Auto version – number 5.  Enjoy!

A few interesting Easter Eggs from ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (26 Photos)

OCTOBER 10, 2013


Via businessinsider

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Amazing Light and Shadow Sculptures by Diet Wiegman

reposted from The Chive.  These art sculptures are amazing.  They are made of things that look like nothing in particular, but if a light is shined or reflected a certain way, they create a pattern of light and shadow that reveals the genius of the artist.  These are by Diet Wiegman, link shown below.

Unbelievable light sculptures by Diet Wiegman (28 Photos)

MARCH 22, 2013


These amazing shadow sculptures by Diet Wiegman

Via Diet Wiegman

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