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Welcome to New Followers!!

I really appreciate all of you who come to this blog site for some fun and interesting reading.  I am now up to 468 followers on my blog and if you throw in the twitter feed @mbtimetraveler, linkedin, FB, pinterest, etc., up to around 4,000.  Every one of you are awesome!  Thanks for the support, you reading the posts makes it fun for me to put them on here.  If you think this is an enjoyable blog, please recommend it to others so we can reach that 500 blog followers mark.

Also, if you ever want some longer reading, feel free to visit my store for links to my books.  I just finished the first draft of my fifth book, Blood Bank.  I am rewriting it and then it goes to the agents/publishers for consideration.  Wish me luck!

Here are some early concept covers courtesy of the lovely Cara Nicole (AZ Powergirl) posing as the heroine of the story, Shawna.  At the beginning she is dropped naked into the Blood Bank and has nothing to defend herself but her fierce spirit and a screwdriver.  Photography and design by Alfred Trujillo:

Front Cover

Front Cover


Back Cover

Back Cover



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Thank You! Over 200,000 hits!

As of right now, my blog site received 201,600 plus hits!  As you regular followers know, I put a lot of work and love into posting one to three times a day with a peculiar mix of things I find interesting.  I am so happy that my weird interests are also often of interest to you as well.  I do not get any compensation or advertising dollars for the blog site, but I would appreciate you consider stopping by my store on occasion.  If you get a copy of The Travelers’ Club and The Ghost Ship, you can buy it on Kindle for just 99 cents, of which I keep 35 cents.  Obviously, not in that for the money either, I just want more readers.  Thank you for your ongoing support!



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